Barkin and Parkin In State #22!


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Welcome to North Dakota, state #22 on our Adventure Of A Lifetime where we will be barkin and parkin for the week! Wow, sure was a long trip yesterday, but we made it all together, safe and sound. When we got here, the Big Blue Treat Wagon decided it didn’t want to be parked here and wouldn’t put its jacks down. Well la de da BBTW. You. Are. Arrested.

By the time it decided to cooperate, it was late, we were all hungry and irritable. Well, I was more irritable than usual. Plus, there was a small person on a skateboard type thing here at camp that kept going down my road. So I decided to arrest everyone. Boy Person was irritable too from being electrocuted by BBTW and Girl Person had enough. I guess electrocution will do that to ya. So she put me and Digby in the Jeep, talked to us, told us to relax while she got out our beds, our dinner and our presents for after dinner and to let Boy Person be for a minute. I agree with that.  And yes, we get presents every night but that is not part of my story today. To continue. By that point, Boy Person fixed the BBTW, Digby Pancake was more hungry and we all got to eat. It was good enough to bark at. Barkin and parkin.

After Girl Person had us settled, she went to go find the latest prison shower at camp and got as clean as she could. But as she was walking back in the very dark night, she heard fish jumping. She heard animals in the trash. She heard coyotes in the distance. Yes my friends, we definitely are in somewhere new. And isn’t it exciting? It’s enough excitement to get me up this morning and ready to explore! And water? We found some again and are sure that this North Dakota place is going to be pretty cool.

We are here near Jamestown, North Dakota until Wednesday. Since the states are getting bigger and our travel time to each state is increasing, the persons think it is best to break it up a bit since it’s hard for me and the Deputy. So Wednesday, we are headed to somewhere near Medora, North Dakota too. Good thing is, we get to see different parts of the state this way. Are you ready to join us? On Friday, it’s our rescue visit with Oreo’s Animal Rescue! Stop by their page and give them some support!

By the way. Presents. You should give yourself a present every night too. Girl Person said there is no special day to celebrate. That’s everyday when you can be barkin and parkin…where you are.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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