See Ya Later, Michigan!



This is Deputy Digby Pancake. And Michigan? We are outta here! On to Wisconsin we go! And we had a great time here. As with every state, we wish we could have seen more, but my pancake eating time got in the way. Sorry about that. Not really. I mean, seriously.  Look at my complexion.  Do you think I get it the easy way? Have you ever realized…and don’t freak out…but my fur is the color.  Of.  Pancakes.

We had a wonderful week. We got to meet some great persons trying to make changes for the better in their community and for the animals at the Cherryland Humane Society. We got to see some pretty amazing lakes, so big that we couldn’t believe it. We got to swim in the pretty lakes and at night, the weather got cold. Real cold for us Florida folks! Good news is that the heat worked in the Big Blue Treat Wagon which was a nice surprise! Boy Person says I am a good heater, but I can’t keep everyone warm! Feed me some more pancakes and maybe I can help you with that.

The persons made us little cherry pies for dogs and we sat around by the campfire talking about how much this Michigan place surprised us. Surprises are always nice. Some people think of a state and only one area in it and judge it by that. Kinda like when people meet Sheriff Brickle and he looks mean. Well, I guess that is not a great example because he is mean sometimes. But Michigan is more than the cities, and more than what people can imagine. It is worth exploring, and we are happy we did before we got too cold. Which leads me to a reminder that we have no coats, and no shoes but flip flops and hiking shoes. The persons may want to take care of that. Boy Person thinks it is still ok to wear socks with his flip flops. But since the fans laughed at this white socks, he has switched it up to black socks.

Well then. Michigan? It was nice getting to know you a little bit. We think that we may be back here one day to explore a bit more and eat a bit more cherry pie and pasties! The U.P. is definitely one of my favorites. U.P. I pee, everyone. No, not everyone, Boy Person doesn’t have on the proper shoes. Till next time, Michigan! Here we come, Wisconsin!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

3 thoughts on “See Ya Later, Michigan!

  1. Karen Hampton

    So happy you had a good experience in our lovely ‘Mitten’….Cherryland is AWESOME!!! Pies, jam, Chocolate-Cherry Fudge & CHERRY WINE!!! Hope you got some GP😉 Sorry I missed you, I was going to drive up to see you, but bit into a cherry pit, broke a tooth & had two days of dental procedures. Sure needed that Cherry Wine!! And, yes, BP…BLACK SOCKS,son!! Sheriff & Digby…we were delighted your time was enjoyable. Perhaps I’ll get to see you another time & place…if you end up in Florida place for a bit. Now, ‘TREAT WAGONS HOOOO’ onward to the Cheese Heaven of Wisconsin….a truly beautiful state, itself. Kind of our ‘sister state’. Safe travels & good health. Love you all…’Grammy in Michigan’ 🐺🐶😘🚎⚽️🍕🍦🍷🍷

  2. Constance Freed

    FYI Boy Person. Black socks don’t make the socks and flip flop thing any better. Just saying. I agree with Digby on that one. The fashion plate that he is…and he rolls in poo. BOL.

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