See Ya Later, Delaware!


This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  It was a fun time Delaware…but alas, it is time to move on.  Next stop? Sussex, New Jersey.  And we have a bit of a drive today.

We had a good time here.  Well, mostly.  We are waiting till tomorrow to fill you in on a few things, and will be doing a blog about it.  But for now, let’s just say that when you have police come to your door late at night, it can never be a good thing.  Anyway.  Like how I am stringing you along?  I am good at that. I am also good at flirting and being cute.  Two of the most important things in life I must say, besides pancakes.

So today, we are headed for New Jersey.  Since we are going to be so close to New York City, you know, Manhattan…do you think we should make a stop there to see the Big Apple? Do you think they have apple pancakes? Let us know what you think. When we are in New York later in the trip, we won’t be too close to the city, so we thought it would fit with our schedule to go now.  What do you think?? 2 Traveling Dogs in New York City? Hmmmm.  Think of how many people Sheriff Brickle could arrest!

So, this afternoon, we will be on the road.  Delaware? It’s been fun, real fun, most of the time.

Have a great day everyone!  Here we go! Again!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

8 thoughts on “See Ya Later, Delaware!

  1. Margaret Arnold

    Can’t wait to hear about what happened!
    Yes, you should stop by NYC. There is a little Yorkie who lives there who has her very own site – Roxie in the City. Look her up on Facebook! Maybe you could meet up with her – she does a lot of appearances around the city.

  2. MBD

    Yes, NYC is a must!! It is an amazing place, and I’m sure you can find some Apple pancakes, and even some PB cookies for the Sheriff!!

  3. Sharon

    you must go to central park, you will love it. there is also the highline, an urban hike with great views

  4. Jelli

    Happy Trails!
    You will find pancakes..many different kinds! But maybe bagels will be a good choice…Oh,and can’t wait to hear..”the rest of the story…”

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