See Ya Later South Carolina!


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. This afternoon, we plan to leave to North Carolina! Why do I say PLAN? Well, the RV has to start. The RV has to not overheat. We have to get the jacks up on the RV before we can move, and they want to do what they want to. And if I arrest it, it ain’t going nowhere. But I do want to go to North Carolina, so I will wait till we get there and then arrest it.

We are going to somewhere called Cedar Point, North Carolina for the beginning of the week. And then the Outer Banks at the end of the week. I am looking forward to North Carolina.

South Carolina was beautiful. We worked hard all week long and the persons are so overwhelmed and tired. Girl Person says this is harder than she ever would have imagined. We are having fun too, I don’t want you to think that. But we feel a little guilty that we can’t meet with fans in more places. We are trying our hardest to get this schedule down pat, so please bear with us for another week. We promise to get it together. If the persons don’t, well, they are arrested too.

Girl Person says that poison ivy got her. Ticks got in her pants. The shower still doesn’t work. And she has to drive the car for one more leg of the journey. I didn’t really want to tell you all that. But she wants a pity party. Give her some more wine, will ya?

Boy Person says that we will get everything fixed and in order. Until then, thanks South Carolina for the memories! Thanks to our fans who met us in Charleston, South Carolina. And thank you to YOU for bearing with us! North Carolina, here we come! Hopefully!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

4 thoughts on “See Ya Later South Carolina!

  1. Beth Porter

    I have been following you guys for awhile now and love all the postings, adventures and good work you do to help rescues and getting pets adopted. This is such an important issue.

    Perhaps you have considered this, but you could split up your adventure in segments and still acomplish all of your goals and get to all the states that you want. As this RV thing is a new deal for BP and GP, maybe you could do the east coast this summer and return to Fla. for a break. (A couple weeks to refurbish the RV, get the shower working, and the towing hitch for the car installed and tried out- then maybe a weekend try out trip once all seems in order). Then you could set out from there and go along the gulf coast over through Miss. AL, LA, TX. Just saying that no matter what you do, we are all with you. It does take awhile to get to know a hugh new vehicle and what it’s issues are or could be and how you can anticipate at least some of them. Keep on with your goods deeds. Love to you all and pancakes and peanut butter goodies for the boys.

  2. Taco

    Hi sheriff, this is Taco from Alberta, Canada. My mom has been reading your blog to me and we love following your adventure. We hope you will do the whitefish area of Montana when you get there, I know some great spots and hikes. Happy tails, er, trails!

  3. Judy Moore

    Things will shape up Sheriff Brickle even the ticks and poison Ivy will get better. Sorry Girl Person got poison ivy. Hope she had something to put on it. More wine helps. You can arrest the RV in North Carolina. Hopefully this leg of your trip will be better. Have a great day riding with GP in the jeep.

  4. Nina Merklin

    Don’t worry, sheriff, everything will work out. Traveling always has a few bugs (sometimes ticks) to work out. You will come out right in the end. Pancakes and peanut butter cookies to you both. If that RV doesn’t shape up, you are, it is Arrested

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