This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle and today is going to be a busy day for us in South Carolina!  We made it to the second campground yesterday called Edisto Beach State Park.  We think this place is beautiful and was happy too when we found a grocery store to some food and snacks and peanut butter cookies.  And wine.  But Girl Person can’t drink it outside of the RV because it is a state park.  Or you know what will happen…

The Big Blue Treat Wagon did pretty good yesterday.  Only one mishap when the airbags wouldn’t come up with the jacks or something.  I am not a mechanic, why am I even telling you this? Sheriffs don’t fix cars, we pull them over.

So…it is my duty as Sheriff to tell you the agenda today.  We visit our second rescue on our tour called Animals Lovers of Edisto K9 Rescue!  They are amazing and do so much for this community.  It will be my honor to visit them and I hope Digby doesn’t do what he did on the last rescue visit…hump…hump…howl…howl.  Good grief, how embarrassing is that?  If I have to arrest him, I will when we get home.

Speaking of home, yesterday something kind of special happened.  When we pulled up to the campground, Girl Person saw how excited we were to see the Big Blue Treat Wagon pull into our spot.  She told us that we were “home”.  And we wagged our tails, got so excited and yep. We turned up the air conditioning, let the slide outs out and our beds were there and we were happy.

Little do you know that even though this trip, this Adventure Of A Lifetime is exciting and awesome, all we want to do is be with our persons, wherever we are.  And that, our fans, is amazing.

So today, we visit the rescue and look for our interview video on Facebook this evening! Boy Person is gonna give a crack at another video, taking into account your suggestions to make it better.   North Carolina, get ready for our visit starting next Monday and we will let you know where we plan to do a meet up with you!

Love you all!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle


5 thoughts on “Agenda

  1. C. Davis

    Hi guys! Please let me know when you plan to make a stop in Nashville,TN. There are lots of cool places to get peanut butter cookies and pancakes!

  2. Mrs. M. pahud

    For real? Girl person can’t drink wine outside? Strange…I think she’s of age…Keep up the good work Sherrif 🙂

  3. Karen Hampton

    Sheriff, you are SO intelligent ( guess I really didn’t need to make that OBVIOUS point, did I?) to realize that wherever your Persons/ Family is, that’s TRULY ‘home’, dear Sir. Safe travels up the coasts!! ❤️💗💙🐶🐺😘😉 And, any place a Girl Person can enjoy a glas or 3 of adult beverage, INSIDE, is also ‘home’ 🍷🍷🍷💋

  4. Judy Moore

    Sheriff Brickle glad you made it to the next camp ground ok. Did you get to go shopping with G & B person? Things are looking good. Don’t arrest Digby he was just playing leap frog with his new friends. He’s just a little rambuncious. You are much more refined being Sheriff and all. Have a wonderful day. Will be waiting to see Boy Person’s video.

  5. Cyndie Hunt

    Tell girl person that that is what the Big Red Cups are for. We don’t just drink sweet tea in them.

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