The Adventure Of A Lifetime!


The day is finally here! We promised you that on March 1st, we would have a big announcement.  So sit back, relax and if not,well, you are arrested.  Let’s start with a word from Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.



This is Sheriff Brickle.  And I know, I know.  You think that you have waited long enough and want us to get right to the point.  No such thing is going to happen though.  Be patient and read through this report I have compiled.  I will first start by explaining our clues for the past week.


12744050_984725768268289_5677916552549034591_nCLUE #1

Yes, that’s my head in a tire.  I make the tire look so much better, but that’s not the point.  Answer:  We are hitting the road!


12742657_985391121535087_2251054880516187508_n       CLUE #2

Deputy Digby Pancake playing a guitar by a campfire.  We all know how much he likes his music.  Why in the world would he be playing a tune by the campfire?   Answer:  We will be enjoying the great outdoors!


10426787_985937841480415_8240198859442380666_n    CLUE #3

Hmmm.  A different take on Mount Rushmore.  We think Mount Pupmore would be so entertaining. This is just one of the places we may visit.  Answer:  Traveling and seeing new places!


10292484_986222474785285_8389716430388853271_n     CLUE #4

The fans had some great guesses on this clue!  No, we aren’t starting a new shelter or rescue.  And we definitely aren’t taking Brickle and Digby to the shelter! Who said that?!  But we are going to do something pretty exciting!  Answer: On our road trip, we will be stopping at shelters to draw attention to that area’s animals and rescuers. We will be asking for your suggestions on shelters or rescues to visit.


11934952_986790401395159_2674700169418127227_n   CLUE #5

Once again, our fans had some great ideas on what I was delivering.  No, I am definitely not delivering puppies, or milk or even wine. Although Girl Person loves that idea.  Answer:  On our road trip and shelter visits, we will be delivering treats! Yes, treats!  Is this the coolest trip or what?


12718230_987340041340195_2501279213071681097_n     CLUE #6

What in the world is Deputy Digby Pancake doing?  Is he going to Hawaii?  Nope, not on this trip.  What is in his suitcase?  Why do you even ask me that?  If he could wear pancake pants he would.  That is all he needs to pack.  But anyway.  Answer:  We are packing our bags for our road trip and leaving in May!  That’s right, May!


12803128_988327701241429_6964738502539050036_n       CLUE #7


This was our last clue.  And here is your last answer:  We will be visiting all of the 48 contiguous States!  That’s right! We may be coming to your neighborhood!  Now…would you like the details?  I am tired, time for Deputy Digby to go over the rest.



This is Deputy Digby Pancake here.  Sheriff Brickle’s reports are always so long and detailed and borrrrring!!!  Some maple syrup would dress up his law techniques.  So I am here to tell you my take on what is going on! And don’t worry, I have pancakes at the end for those of you who stick around, mostly because you’re probably sitting in syrup.

So here it is.  We are planning a trip to all the 48 contiguous states starting in May.  What is the exact date we are leaving? Wish we knew.  We have to find an RV big enough for my pancake butt and pack up all our stuff including those treats that we are going to deliver.  If I don’t eat them all that is!

Once we leave in May, we will be taking one year to travel to all of the 48 contigous states, visiting shelters and rescues along the way.  As our name implies, we are 2 Traveling Dogs so we will be sharing with you fun destinations to take your dogs to, places to hike and how to keep active and fit with your dog.  Girl Person will be cooking up fun recipes to make for your dog on road trips or anywhere!  Does this sound like a fun adventure or what?  We are calling it The Adventure Of A Lifetime!  Will you join us?

Now, for Girl Person…we do let her talk once in awhile.  She is gonna close this blog today with a few thoughts.  No, she hasn’t had her wine yet today, so this should be good.


This is Girl Person.  First of all, thank you to our fans for being on this adventure with us!  As you know, we moved out of our lifelong home in August. Our time in Florida since then has been spent on the ocean and has allowed us to recoup, regroup and reconsider what was good for our family.  Although our plans were to immediately go to California, as we began to relax we started to really think about what was important to us.  Of course, Brickle and Digby were at the top of our list.  And we wanted so much to simplify our lives.  As well, our fan base is nearing one million.  What could we do with this platform for rescue animals?  It all led us to one answer…the answer that worked for our family right now.  The Adventure Of A Lifetime!

It’s no secret that we love hiking and enjoying the great outdoors with our boys.  It keeps us healthy, fit and happy.  We want our rescue dogs to enjoy the best life possible and we want to show others how much fun it is to do the same.  So we have a few things we will be doing on this YEAR long trip!

We will be taking one year to visit the 48 contiguous States.  You will be with us all along the way.  You will be able to follow us on our Facebook page of course, our daily blog and other ways as well!  It’s like you will be on the trip with us!  We will be showing you places you can travel with your dog and maybe we will even meet some of you along the way! We will be asking for your suggestions on places to visit, and your favorite rescues and shelters.  We want you to be involved.

Will there be bumps and bruises along the way? Most likely.  Will there be diversions and plan changes?  Maybe.  But our mission will concentrate on two things.  1.  To promote animal rescue and make it fun.  2.  To show how fun it can be to keep healthy and active with your dog!

We have always told our fans that animal rescue can be fun.  Its not all doom and gloom.  Sure, the need is great and overwhelming.  But on this trip, we will be meeting animals that need your help.  Real animals, with a story.  Real rescuers with a story.  An entire country with a story.  We are one little family trying to make a difference, and we hope you will follow along!

We have always shown you our real lives from day one over five years ago.  So bear with us on the preparations for our trip as we endeavor to find an RV big enough for the Sheriff’s ego. It seems like a daunting task! Plus, Deputy Digby has to pack up all his pancakes.  That may take awhile. And we have to make sure our vehicle will make it in tow. Yes, this may seem crazy to some, and we will miss our family and friends beyond words. Our family and friends have supported us every step of the way and we know that they only want what is best for us.  And who knows at the end of this trip where the adventure will take us. Maybe California, maybe a beach somewhere else (Florida)?  But that is the beauty of this trip. We will be keeping an open mind and open to the adventure.  The Adventure Of A Lifetime!

Countdown to May starts now!

If you have any questions, and we are sure you do, comment below and or on our Facebook page and we will answer!

WE LOVE YOU FANS! Let’s do this!

-Boy Person, Girl Person, Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake

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17 thoughts on “The Adventure Of A Lifetime!

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  7. Karen Simpson

    I wish you all the best…..being in Florida, I’m sorry I never was able to meet you all.
    All my love, for safety, and goodness along your way.
    You are loved by so many.

  8. dogluv55

    Dallas, TX has a horrible stray dog problem. I hope you will stop there and meet with the amazing rescuer, Marina Tarashevska. She started a group called Animal Advocates of Dallas. She is a one-woman powerhouse when it comes to rescuing dogs. It would be so wonderful to get her group some publicity. They don’t have a formal shelter but are a group of dedicated people who foster in their homes. You can find her on a Facebook under the name Marissa Belle. Thank you!

  9. Deborah L. Reed

    I am in the Granite State of New Hampshire.. in a little town called Farmington. We have beautiful things to see here year round but it is prettiest in the FALL.. We would love to have you come visit us here anytime.. I watch your feed every day and send you all my love each day,,as I follow Sheriff Brickle, and Deputy Digby Pancake on your daily adventures.. We have several rescues here in NH.. No kill shelters and wonderful pet owners who love and support their furbabies.. several FB groups here in NH who do wonderful work on behalf of animals. I belong to several of them..I hope you decide to come to my part of NH so I can at least travel and meet all of you..Im currently in a wheelchair., but that wont stop me from coming to see you…… May God speed you on your journey. I am so happy that you have included us in this adventure of a lifetime………My love to all of you <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    Debbie Reed from New Hampshire……………….

  10. Yay!!!! What a blast. Looking forward to following y’all. Be sure to stop in and say HI to my mom when you pass through Rhode Island (don’t blink or you’ll miss the scenery).

  11. Mo

    It sounds wonderful. Your blog is something I read everyday and it will be lovely to hear Brickle and Digby’s take on the journey. Looking forward to reading about it from here (west coast Canada)

  12. Anne Allison

    What fun you are going to have! And how much joy you are going to take to all those shelters and rescue centres! I look forward to “traveling” with you all – much love and respect from Rosa in Australia xx

  13. Molly Surrett

    So Happy for All of you. Im in NC and we have beautiful hiking trails and an Awesome Awesome rescue called Brother Wolf. But looking forward to your Big Adventure.

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