This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  It’s only Tuesday and I have been super swamped.  As swamped as this Florida place is.  And let me complain about the weather for a second too while I’m at it.  I like the cold snap in the air, it makes my corn dog tail look fine, but the wind is messing up my hair. And it is arrested.  Wind.  Is.  Arrested.

So anyway. Why have I been so swamped? Well, someone has to make plans around here.  The persons have put me in charge of our adventure coming up in April. What adventure you ask? Well, you may remember Friday’s blog when Deputy Digby alluded to a change coming up in April, but he didn’t tell you what the change was.  News flash.  I’m not telling you either.  Secrets, secrets, secrets.  I don’t like them.  You don’t keep secrets when you are an elected law enforcement official.  But I am not allowed to tell you…yet.  Do you remember what Deputy Digby briefed you on Friday?

I will take the trouble to recap you if you missed it, although this is a bother.  We are not leaving this Florida place until the end of April.  But we aren’t going right to California as planned.  Nope…things have changed around here.  The question is…where ARE we going…and also the question will be where NOT are we going?  I know that sentence makes no sense but I felt no need to correct it.  I can make up sentence structure as a Sheriff.  I don’t need the grammar police. Don’t be one.

So you will have to wait for another week to find out where our next adventures as a family are leading us.  If you have been a fan for the five years we have written this blog, I think you will agree that our adventure is going to be a fun one.  And if you are a new fan, I implore you to read the archives from September’s blog to catch you up on where we are.  And if you just simply don’t wanna read it, well then, la de dah.  You can still join us on our new adventure too.  Until then, secrets, secrets, secrets.  Now, back to my planning and arresting.

Have a great day everyone!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle


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