Potato? Potatoes?


This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Anyone else hungry?  I am.  With a name like Pancake, how could I NOT be hungry?  But Girl Person said that I don’t smell like a pancake, that today I smell like a potato.  Or potatoes.  I didn’t eat any potatoes.  In fact, I didn’t eat any pancakes today either which is a problem.  I need to fix this.

We went hiking this morning, and we were walking along.  I was sniffing the deer poop most rudely left in the trail. Don’t they have deer poop bags in this place? How rude.  How rude.  Girl Person was telling me to stop being gross, Sheriff Brickle was trying to pull Girl Person towards the Jeep as he was bored with this place, and that is when I stepped on another sandspur.  Why do they always find me?  I held up my paw and Girl Person bent down to find it.  She kissed me on the nose which was embarrassing in front of my boss, the Sheriff, and she told me that I smelled like mashed potatoes.  Mashed potatoes? With gravy?

We then started walking on the trail and Girl Person bent down to give us some water and told me that I smelled like hashbrowns from the Waffle House.  Ok, this is too much.  Hashbrowns? Waffles?  Why was she torturing me like this?  Why all the potato talk?

We started walking again and Girl Person asked me to stop, just so that she could smell me again.  She said I smelled like a baked potato.  Brickle said I looked like one.  Are you kidding me right now? If I look like a baked potato, Brickle looks like a french fry with his skinny butt.  Maybe he needs to eat some potatoes and maybe Girl Person has lost her mind with smelling potatoes. Maybe she wants potatoes.  I don’t know.  They say dogs’paws smell like corn chips.  Well, I can almost guarantee that mine smell like potato chips..sour cream and onion. Could be that deer poop I just stepped in.  How rude. How rude.

What does your dog smell like today?  I hope it’s pancakes and not potatoes.  Sometimes this blog makes no sense, and well, it’s because we make no sense. Have a great day everyone. I am hungry.

-Digby Pancake

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  1. Kriss and Tilly and Rio

    I just love you guys! My wild girls Tilly & Rio would like me to make some waffles from your mix for them. Do you have any tips? When are you coming to California? We live here, but we are wild slightly obnoxious bouncy girl dogs with no manners or socialization skills. But we still want waffles!

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