Why Do You Have To Be Gross?

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This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Why is Girl Person so detail oriented sometimes? I mean seriously.  Doesn’t she know that when she asks questions on our daily hike, I don’t have time to answer them. Especially when she asks me why I am so gross.  Why are you so questionable is my question.

This morning, we hiked at a spot with lots of stuff goin on.  Horse poop…take a bite.  Check!  Deer poop…step in it.  Check!  Unidentifiable poop…gaze longingly.  Check! Girl Person asked me to please stop messing with poop.  Ok. But I have to poop now that you have mentioned it so many times.

So I went to do my business when Girl Person so rudely yanked me off my spot yelling “Rattlesnake! Rattlesnake!”  You don’t  have to say it twice.  I’m outta here.  But I had already started to do my business which got all over Brickle and then I stepped in it and it was a poop extravaganza.  Girl Person said she had to save our lives and we would just have to deal with the mess. Run from the rattlesnake covered in poop…check.

That’s when I decided to try and make her job easier by rolling in more horse poop.  You know, its kinda grassy and clean smelling like that.  Finally, Girl Person sat down on the nearest poopless area.  She looked at all of us and just said “Why do you have to be gross Digby?”.  Again with the questions.

-Digby Pancake

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