New Travels Part Seven

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Did you miss me?! Don’t answer that. It goes without saying! I know Girl Person is exhausted from all her talking. She needs to take some days off..(said those bags under her eyes).
So where did Girl Person leave off? Oh yeah. There we were. Staying at our sitter’s house for a week! The persons kept trying to keep what was going on under wraps. But I saw the boxes. Digby and I had went through this before. To be honest with ya, and I always am, I wasn’t liking it. I liked my house and my yard…and well, change seems harder the older I get. But Digby and I also dig travel and I was hoping that we might we going back to that California place. Girl Person and Boy Person had been talking about it for years. So what was the hold up? A new business? Money? So what?! Let’s just go. Yeah, I guess the persons said it wasn’t that easy.
But I saw a sign go up in the yard and I can read. Like I said, Digby and I knew what was going on. As the week went by without our persons, I began to get a little worried. Were they ever going to pick us up? Where were the chickens? What was going on for real?
Then, there she was. Girl Person in our Jeep, ready to take us home. But then she turned and I knew. This was not the way home. This was really happening. Girl Person explained to us that the chickens were fine and that Boy Person was with them. She said we were going to Country Cousin Person’s beach house and that Boy Person would be there later after the chickens went to bed. She told us that our beds were there and our toys and our treats and our food. She told us that as long as we were together, everything would be ok. She told us that we would be staying here for a little while and traveling back and forth to Gandma and Gandpa’s and where the chickens were out in the country. It was all very confusing to me. And forget explaining it to Digby. Good thing about Digby is that he goes with the flow. Me…not so much.
We pulled into the driveway of the beach house and Digby and I flipped out. We ran inside, we explored…we saw our stuff, and ok..yeah. This was alright. We saw the water, a new neighborhood to walk in, and Girl Person said there were even new trails out here.
So that night, Boy Person came home, and all was right in our world. Our family was together except for the chickens, and Girl Person said one of us would be with them every day,driving that hour away until we figured something out.
Digby and I missed the chickens. But we visited them and it was nice. I knew though that they wanted to be with us all the time. And it was breaking my brindle heart. Girl Person said something had to change for the chickens until we left for California. She said we had a few months still at this beach house until we could pack up everything for our big trip of a lifetime. I hate waiting!! Especially for California, our hikes there and yeah…the persons are much happier at the vineyards.
I don’t understand why chickens are allowed in every neighborhood. Rooster Man didn’t understand either and they were showing signs of unhappiness. We had to do something. And fast.
-To Be Continued Tomorrow
-Peanut Butter Brickle

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