Why I’m Not Ashamed To Say I Freaking Love Dogs

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One night, I was watching yet another dog video on my phone. I was laughing so hard that I actually had tears running down my face. Maybe it was a video I took. I’ll leave that part out.

I looked over at my husband. He simply said, “you really love dogs, don’t you?” And I had to admit I was different. Sure. He loves dogs and he loves all animals. But me? It’s different. I freaking love dogs.

Dogs have always been one of my favorite parts of living. From the time I was little to now, dogs are one of the main components to my happiness. Dogs are why I have battled depression and have not given up. Dogs are everything to me.

I used to wonder if I was filling a void of some sort with my love for dogs. Why did I immediately feel better when I looked at them? Smelled them? Heard them bark? Sometimes when I think about dogs, it actually makes my heart hurt. So if I am filing a void, I’ll fill it with a love for dogs. I don’t care if you judge me. Because it’s as natural to me as breathing.

When I get the looks from others as I talk to my dogs while hiking or as I feed them breakfast at our campsite, I embrace the stares. Seems to me that often it takes someone else to make us feel like we are normal. Maybe they freaking love dogs. But maybe they’re afraid to show it. Why should we be afraid to show love, compassion and caring for others? It doesn’t make us weaker. It makes us better versions of ourselves.

If others judge me for cooking for my dogs or traveling fulltime in an RV for my dogs, that’s ok. I recently received an email telling me I should “get a real life.” Although it hurt at first, I thought about it. I am living a real life. I am the real me. My love for dogs and all animals is overwhelming. But I use that love to motivate me to make a difference for animals. Maybe you can do that too.

Never look down on others for their passions and what makes them happy. Don’t look down on yourself either. Laugh, live and love dogs if you want to. Do it if you freaking want to.

Rachael Johnson

Founder 2 Traveling Dogs