The Tail Of Cheetah The Monkey And A Very Tall Tree

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Once upon a time, there was a monkey named Cheetah. 

Cheetah was a very happy monkey.  Cheetah spent his days climbing trees, big and tall.  There was no tree that Cheetah didn’t want to climb. Oak tree. Banana tree. Palm tree. You name it! Cheetah was a very nimble monkey.

One day, Cheetah decided to climb higher than usual.  You see, he liked to watch the people below who walked their dogs in the jungle everyday.  He laughed, laughed, laughed at their funny names and their funny barks and their funny ways of doing things.  Their names were Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake.

Cheetah had a song he sang very monkey like every time he saw Brickle and Digby.

“Here they come

Those furry dogs

They jump over logs

But not as good as frogs.

They pull on the leash,

They make the persons screech.

They have all the fun

Their antics are never done”.

He was a very good singer. Cheetah did not know how long they would walk through his jungle, though.  He had heard that Brickle and Digby traveled far and wide and that they didn’t stay in one place for very long.  So he found the tallest tree that he could find in the jungle.  He wanted to make sure he had a great spot to watch Brickle and Digby and to sing his happy song.

He climbed and he climbed and he climbed up the tall tree. He climbed so high that he was quite proud of himself.  He was such a nimble monkey.  Climbing up this high in his tree seemed like a very good idea. Until plop! A banana fell on his head.

This banana was bigger than most other bananas.  Yet it wasn’t likely that a banana would make a very nimble and very happy monkey like Cheetah fall out of a very tall tree.  But that is what happened.  Down, down, down went Cheetah.

Cheetah tried to grab onto a branch.  He tried to grab onto a leaf.  But a nimble monkey is not so nimble all the time. Not when a banana falls on your head. And he fell right by Brickle and Digby in a big pile of leaves!

Everyone scattered like fleas because no one had thought a monkey named Cheetah would be falling on them with a giant banana.  Not even Cheetah.  But there he was.  There was Cheetah and his giant banana.

Digby was very frightened by this happening, and he tried to hide under Brickle.  Brickle was a very tall fellow, but not as tall as the tree.  Brickle tried to pull Digby to safety by his leash because that seemed the right thing to do.  And Brickle always knows the right thing to do.

Cheetah was as ok as a nimble monkey could be after falling with a giant banana…but he wasn’t really.  This was the first time that Cheetah had fell from a tree, and it had been the tallest tree to fall from.  And he was scared.  He was scared to climb back up that tree to safety.  Frozen bananas are good, but not frozen monkeys with fear.  And now he was scared of bananas. 

And now Brickle and Digby were scared of monkeys.  This was quite the predicament.

What is a scared monkey and two scared dogs to do?  Cheetah looked at all the trees and all the bananas and thought he could never climb again.  Brickle and Digby truly had not ever cared for bananas, but giant bananas seemed even scarier.  So did monkeys.  And now their walks in the jungle seemed scary too.  What would happen? The persons helped Cheetah back in his tree.  All trees in the jungle were Cheetah’s trees, really. 

He climbed up very slow and very unsteady.  He looked for falling bananas. And he couldn’t climb any higher that day.  He would not go to the top.  Oh no.  Not that day.

Brickle and Digby gathered their courage and continued their walk in the jungle.  They looked for more falling monkeys, and they were very careful with their steps.  The jungle seemed like a different place.  Oh yes, it did.  But they made it back to their camp spot and they had a strange craving for banana pudding.

And they wondered.  Would they ever see Cheetah again? They weren’t sure they wanted to go back and see him, though. The jungle was too scary now.

Brickle and Digby were hoping that they would be traveling again and not have to go back in the jungle.  But they had a few more days in this spot.  And so the next day, they walked a little slower and a little more carefully in Cheetah’s jungle. 

And they looked up and they saw him.  There Cheetah was.  He was in the same tree.  But he was only one branch up. But he was was still quite proud.  No, he wasn’t at the top of the tree this day.  But he was in the tree. And that was good enough for that day.

The next day, Brickle and Digby saw Cheetah again.  Now he was a little higher.  He even had a bigger banana.  And so they thought that maybe they didn’t have to worry so much about getting hit with another falling monkey. Or even a banana. But they could have used one for some banana pudding! But they picked up their pace and Cheetah laughed.  And the only thing that hit Brickle and Digby’s heads that day was the peel. Cheetah thought that was very funny.

And so the day came. They were about to take their walk in Cheetah’s jungle one last time.  You see, it was time to travel on.  There would be new campers in their spot and new dogs to walk in the jungle. It was time to take one last look up at Cheetah.  They knew in their hearts where he would be. As they reached the tallest tree in the jungle, there he was.  Cheetah had a giant banana and a smile that only a proud, nimble, happy monkey could have. 

And he looked down at Brickle and Digby.  They all may have had their falls that week. But they still made it to the top of where they could be.  Cheetah in his very tall tree.  And Brickle and Digby were going to travel on with new found knowledge that were able to teach a monkey to keep trying.  To keep climbing.  To keep walking. To not let fear keep you down. There are more trees to climb and more jungles to walk in.

Cheetah said his goodbye with a tail wag just like Brickle and Digby did.  They knew that they would never forget each other.  They weren’t so different after all. Cheetah got his monkey laugh back and his love of bananas.  And he knew that he would never meet any dogs like Brickle and Digby. 

He would have to sing a new song now.  But he would remember the old one in case they came back so that they would know where to find him.

“Here they come

Those furry dogs

They jump over logs

But not as good as frogs.

They pull on the leash,

They make the persons screech.

They have all the fun

Their antics are never done”.

And they all lived happily ever after.

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