At A Walmart Parking Lot

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. First day of 2018? Can we get a do-over? Perhaps?


If you follow our Facebook page, you probably know by now that we broke down yesterday. At a Walmart parking lot. Seems as though the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV has about had it after more than 48 states and 48 rescues. It started leaking all kinds of stuff, and as we got over a bridge about half an hour from camp in the pouring rain, ice and snow, it decided that it would let us know where it was leaking. And it wasn’t good.

As Boy Person tried his best to figure out what to do in such cold weather that he couldn’t feel his hands, and we couldn’t feel our faces, Girl Person sat with us in the RV and started her meltdown behind closed doors…which we could hear by the way.

When you are sitting at a Walmart parking lot for over 10 hours, you begin to wonder where in the world you have gone wrong. As she kept running inside for different supplies, she thought of words her fans had said. Fans telling us that at least we were near civilization. Fans telling us that at least we had each other. And she kept trying to remind herself that they were right. But when you are having a panic attack on top of panic attack, nothing seems comforting. She has questioned our decision to sell our Florida home and do this crazy rescue journey many times. Was it all worth it?

Sometimes, Girl Person says that there are no fancy words to say. She tries to hide her tiredness and concern from me and Sheriff Brickle. But Sheriff Brickle knows all. And he knows that she has about given up on wondering how we will figure this part of our lives out. How did we get in this mess? It is messier than when I roll in horse poop. Or eat it. And maybe by the time this blog posts in the morning, she will have regrouped. Maybe we all just need some sleep and some warmth…which by the way, Texas. What is the deal with this?

As Girl Person walked thru the aisles of the Walmart, she thought to herself that all of these people had life figured out. They seemed happy and were getting groceries for a home that they were going to go home to. And she knew that she was imagining that everyone had it better than her at this exact moment. Because that wasn’t true, it was selfish, and she had to realize that. There she was, able to afford a few supplies and had a Boy Person trying his hardest to help us and keep us safe.  As she checkout out with her five gallon bucket, the cashier seemed so happy, so nice.  And Girl Person wondered what she was so happy about when she was having such a bad day.  But what that cashier didn’t know was that she made her stop.  And think.  Was life so bad…even when you were broken down with no propane for heat in a 29 degree, Walmart parking lot?


Girl Person says isn’t that always the case? When we are going thru something, it seems like everyone else has it better. And there is always someone that is worse off than we are. It is true. As true as Sheriff Brickle is mad. As true as the first arrest of 2018. TEXAS. YOU. ARE. ARRESTED.

Stay tuned for updates on our journey back to that Florida place. We are wondering if we are all going to make it in one piece.

-Deputy Digby Pancake