Take Out The Papers And The Trash

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Some numbers I know. Like the average amount of pancakes in a stack. Some numbers I ignore. Like the scale. Some numbers I need to learn. Like how many licks it takes in the middle of the night to wake up the persons.

But a number that keeps coming up today is a number being thrown around by the persons. 25. 25 years of them saying they would be together forever and a day. 25 years of being married and trying to live every day together.  25 years of listening to their wedding song.  Yeah, glad I missed that.

But there’s also been 25 years of dinners and problems and happy stuff.  Even 25 years of taking out the trash.


Yes, they got married…whatever that means, 25 years ago today. They said that although it feels like it was a long time ago in some ways, in other ways, it feels like yesterday.

Gandma says that time seems to fly by faster the older you get. And I suppose I agree with that.  Time goes by fast for persons when you do a lot of stuff like working and trying to make ends meet and you never find the ends to meet up.


Time goes by fast with the ones we love and the ones that aren’t here anymore.

Time just keeps on keeping on until one year becomes 25.  That’s at least what they told me.

Even though Brickle and I haven’t been with the persons for all of those 25 years, I do know this.  There have been more days of living than more days of anniversaries.  Girl Person says that although 25 years is a reason to celebrate, it’s the normal days of staying together and doing the normal things for each other that make you want to keep on going.  Like getting groceries. Like making dinners and lunches and eggies.  Like decisions on where to live and the laundry and the little things that happen day after day after day.  Even taking out the trash.

Being a family doesn’t mean that things go smooth like peanut butter all the time.  In fact, some years, nothing seems to go smooth.  Some years are hard.  Some years are harder.  But you don’t give up. Even when you say you give up, you try again.   And that’s enough. That’s more than enough.


I know more than just about pancakes.  I know that I always want our family to be together. That means more to me than even an all you can eat pancake buffet.


And whether we are together in this broken down Big Blue Treat Wagon RV or somewhere else, this year will be more than just about celebrating one day like today.  It will be about trying to work.  It will be about trying to make the right decisions.  It will be about continuing to fight that Depression Monster. It will be about moving forward.  Together.  And being the most happy we can be.  Even when we take out the trash.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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