Sticks And Bricks With Something In Your Pants

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  I wish that I had better news to report on our house searching this week, but baby…it was no good. Nothin.


You see, we must have driven a million miles this week searching.  We drove from one end of the island to the other, all around it, and even across the water in the ferry. Gandma came to hep us. And still nothing.  YET.  This Amelia Island place must be something special.

When you are searching for something, like the meaning of life, it is hard to focus. What is the meaning of life by the way?  Girl Person says that all complicated questions always have one answer.  Dogs.  I agree.


All we do is drive around, and around and around.  We look at a house, or a blank piece of land, and we hear the persons saying over and over again…”Oh, that won’t do.  Oh, that wouldn’t be good for the dogs.  Oh, that is too much money.  Oh, that isn’t for sale.”  I mean seriously. No good, no good, no good, no good.

Baby, you’re no good (I’m gonna say it again)
You’re no good, you’re no good, you’re no good
Baby, you’re no good

All this driving around looking at sticks and bricks called houses is really cutting into my hiking time, my napping time, Brickle’s mirror time, and I was kind of over it yesterday.  I decided that if I couldn’t roll in poop as much as I wanted to, I would just. Poop. Well, not really.  But I would pretend that I had to.

I’m telling you now baby, that I’m goin’ my way
Forget about me baby, ’cause I’m leaving this day

As we were driving around looking at the millionth no good stick and bricks, I decided that I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I started howling, I started crying.  I heard the persons say that maybe I was sick.  It was working . So I turned on the sweet howling charm more.  But then, Sheriff Brickle didn’t like my overdramatic nature and he proceeded to start growling.

broke a heart, that’s gentle and true
Well, I broke a heart over someone like you
I’ll beg his forgiveness on bended knee
I wouldn’t blame him if he said to me

That is when Girl Person broke out the treat stash to calm everyone down.  Well, I forgot about my acting for a minute until I realized that all that acting had really made my stomach sick.  And now, well, I had. To. Go.


Now the persons were in panic mode. I started circling around, climbing on Brickle’s lap, he was mad, everyone was looking at us, and we were stuck in that traffic junk.  I was beginning to think that focusing on finding a house was nearly impossible when you had to go.  The persons tried to get out of traffic, and as we drove into a park, we pulled over at a pond.

Now, when you are in Florida, you know about those alligator fellows. And even though there was an alligator sign, the persons figured that the only immediate danger was a Jeep full of poop.  They jumped out, I jumped out, and at the same time, some tourists jumped out looking for an alligator show.  They didn’t know that the only tickets for sale that day was a ticket to a poop show.  And they left early.

Feelin’ better, now that we’re through
Feelin’ better, cause I’m over you
I’ve learned my lesson, it left a scar
Now I see how you really are

It was at this point that the persons realized that maybe…just maybe we were trying too hard.  Looking too much.  Trying to make something happen that wasn’t right.  We decided that we had looked enough for the week and that Friday was going to be Brickle and Digby Day.  Mark it on your calendars.


You see, sometimes, you can try too dern hard.  Sheriff Brickle says that if you try and give it your best, then it is time to rest.  He says what is going to work out will just simply work out.  We can’t force it.  And I say sometimes you can’t hold it.

So on this Brickle and Digby Day, we have a hike planned, a nap, breakfast and we are going to start packing to make a car ride to Gandma and Gandpa’s house in that Tampa place.  Girl Person says we are going to have a pawty or something on Sunday.  With food.  And that my friends is going to be fun.  We will make sure that you join us as you always do.  We will get to walk in the orange grove again and maybe, just maybe, if we take a break, our break will happen. Soon.

Sometimes things seem no good.  But even in the no good, oh, there is good.  We are in a beautiful place.  Even if we don’t get to stay, this sure was fun. Life is a journey.  Sometimes, we have to take detours. And sometimes.  We just have to pull over.  When you gotta go, you gotta go.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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