What’s Happening!

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  I am sure that you have been wondering what in the world is happening and what is going on with our family here since we got to this California place. Well, beyond us going crazy, we have been settling in. Kind of.

And since Sheriff Brickle has decided he is taking the day off, apparently, it is a Deputy’s duty with a mouthful of pancakes to fill you in as I fill my belly.


So! What’s happening?!

You may have noticed that since we got to the water, we have not been moving as much.  We are a bit exhausted and well, the RV park we are staying at has been nice enough to let us stay till October, but that means we have to move our Big Blue Treat Wagon RV every few days to a new spot in the park.  Not moving far doesn’t mean it isn’t work. We have to put everything away, hope that we don’t break anything, and Girl Person takes us on a drive so that we don’t get stressed out while Boy Person parks it.  But, we aren’t going to complain, well, Sheriff Brickle will…but we are on the water, and that my friends is a very good place for us to be after a year of going nonstop.


We know that many are wondering what is next for us, and we are too.  But we still have one more rescue to visit..Soft Paws Rescue in Santa Rosa, California on Monday.  Then, after that, the persons still have to do a video on them and write about them too.  So by the end of September, our trip promises should we 100% fulfilled.  The Adventure Of A Lifetime will be complete. And.  Then.  What.  OH, we are gonna dance!

But after we dance, and after we celebrate, we are hoping that things are going to be a bit more clear on what we should do now.  Right now…it is not.  If you know me, you know I smile any day of the week no matter what.  And I see no reason not to smile now, even though we are confused on where we should live and where we should go.  Usually, Sheriff Brickle would be the one to provide details, but since he has the day off, here it goes.  I usually don’t do this.  So bear with me and give me an extra pancake. I will put them in numerical order as per the Sheriff’s orders.


  1. Finding somewhere we can afford to live is a problem.  I guess no one will take payments in pancakes.  Animal rescue doesn’t make you rich.  And living in Sonoma County or anywhere near here seems pretty impossible right now unless we can find an old barn or an old building we can redo and have fun with!

If we have to live in the Big Blue Treat Wagon while we do this, we are happy about that. But we don’t want to live our lives struggling.  We want to enjoy the time we have with each other.  So every day, the persons are driving and driving around, talking to people and looking for a place to call home.  We will be showing you more on a daily basis of places we look at and our journey trying to live a simple lifestyle.

2. We are open to finding a home on the water in our Florida place old home too.  So in a couple of weeks, Girl Person is going to fly back by herself…I know…this is scary…and look around.  She will be showing you what she finds too in a place called Amelia Island that they like.  We will be staying with Boy Person and everyone involved is quite nervous about this situation.  Not really…just Girl Person.

What else is going to be happening?

3. As we show you the ends and outs of our days, we are going to be mixing in little road trips, showing you how we enjoy life and we hope that you won’t go anywhere.  Our Big Blue Treat Wagon wheels may have stopped turning for a little while, but we promise that it won’t be boring!  The persons have even mentioned Italy.  Yes, Italy.  But I don’t speak Italian.  Plus, riding in the cargo of a plane? Yeah, that’s a no.

4. What about the boring parts of our day like a vet checkup which we need and maybe a dog daycare to play at?  Yep, we will be showing you that too.  Along with Sheriff Brickle’s new arrests at these places.  You know it is going to happen.

So….what’s happening?  Changes.  Probably big changes.  But keeping our minds open to the good things that can happen for us is going to keep us going, along with your support.  So don’t go anywhere! We won’t be.  Oftentimes, life isn’t about big trips like our Adventure Of A Lifetime.  Because although that was fun, life is really about the every day adventures, isn’t it? And this is going to be fun.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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