Welcome Back, Sharkee

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Last week, we found a shark.  You might remember that.  We took him back to the RV.  Then, we took him on a walk.  Then, Digby Pancake tried to eat him.  Then, I arrested Digby.  Then, a wave came up and swept the little shark out to see.  I put out a missing shark report.  I never gave up hope.  And I can’t make this stuff up.  I did what no Sheriff has ever been able to do.  I found a missing shark.

Some parts of my job have instant gratification.  Like when I arrest Digby.  But some parts of my job take patience.  Some parts of my job take diligence.  Some parts of my job take forgetting about it and letting things work themselves out.  And when you have a missing shark report out, there isn’t much you can do except look at the ocean and hope and wait.  And you wish you had given your shark a microchip the one night he lived with you.  Oh, Sharkee.

Some may be afraid of sharks.  I get that. But when you live with a shark for a night like we did Sharkee, you realize that we all just want love.  No matter if we are a person, a dog or a shark.

So there we were.  One week after we lost Sharkee to an ocean wave.  There we were.  In the same spot the wave had taken him from us.  And as we had been doing, we kept looking at the ocean.  Just hoping.

And then…all of a sudden, as we were standing there waiting for a treat from Girl Person, we looked down.  And there…right on top of the sand was Sharkee!  

Girl Person screamed.  I jumped up.  Digby peed on him.

Now, I could have arrested Digby again.  But I figured it was time to pick my battles.  After all, he didn’t try to eat Sharkee this time.  And so, the happiness we felt overshadowed all the heartache we had been feeling for the week.  We were not sure why we were so very sad all week because we had only known Sharkee for one day.  But sometimes, time stand still.

And now.  Now we have lots of questions for Sharkee.  Where did he go?  Who did he hang out with?  Did they have an RV?  A boat?  Did he go far?  Is he glad he is back?  We know he has many tales to tell.

We have a lot of catching up to do.  But we think we will let him rest first before I start my questioning. This case isn’t closed yet.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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A Missing Shark Report

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Let me begin by saying that this is an alert.  There is a missing shark. And there is a reward.  I will discuss that later, but let me also say that Deputy Digby Pancake will not be helping me on this case.  Because Digby. Is. Arrested.


I told you yesterday about the rescue shark that we found on the beach.


I debated yesterday on whether to return him to the ocean, or to let him live with us in the RV.  Girl Person said we had just enough room for the little shark.  So I brought him home.

Even though I was unsure if the shark wanted to live in an RV, I knew that he had needed our help at that moment.

So the next day, we decided to take the shark on a walk with us to the beach.


I thought maybe he would want to see his home.  And so Girl Person put him down and let him feel the sand.  She let him feel the breeze.  And Digby kept an eye on him.  At least that is what I thought.


All of a sudden, Digby lost his mind.  But he never loses his appetite.  And with one gulp, Digby tried to swallow the shark!  I am not making this stuff up.  This was a dire situation.

I could only jump into action so fast, but Girl Person was on it.  With a swift hand, she grabbed the little shark from going down Digby’s throat.  I was barkless, Girl Person was in shock and as she grabbed the shark from his jaws of Digby’s mouth, she accidentally flung the little shark into the ocean, and one…big…wave…swept him away.  It happened that fast. And Digby?  He wasn’t sorry about it.  Whatsoever.


Sometimes, we lose the ones we love just like that.  One second they are here.  And the next…they are gone.


The shark was only in our lives for one day.  One little day with one little shark. I know sharks were meant to live in the ocean, but he was meant to live in my heart too. And it hurts.  It hurts.  I am not gonna lie.

So, ok. I do blame Digby for this one.  His new diet is making him try to eat some crazy stuff.  But I know he didn’t mean it.  He meant to eat it.


I am going to make a plea.  If you see a little shark on your ocean, on your door, or anywhere at all, won’t you check to see if it is little shark?  He can live on land, he can live in the sea.  But my heart is where he was meant to be.  And I will look for him every time we are on the beach, anywhere.  Because you never give up hope to see the ones you love again.


We never know how much time we have with the ones we love.  We never know what tomorrow brings.  And we never know what Digby is going to try and eat next.  Little shark?  Thank you for being in our lives, if for just a little while.  I won’t ever stop looking for you. But I know if I don’t find you, you will forever be with me.  You taught me that like a shark out of water, any of us can make the most of what we are dealt with. It’s up to us to breath.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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