Under Pressure.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. It is Thursday, just in case you need a Deputy to tell you that. It is also almost Friday. Again, news maybe to you. My job as Deputy is exhausting.  It’s been a long week, even though a lot of persons had Monday off.  Sometimes, things that you have to do can overwhelm you.  Sometimes, you get stressed out.  You get tired.  It is a lot of pressure to be a person.  I see that.  I see that.

How do I know as Deputy about pressure? We had a lot of work to do yesterday.  We had to drive almost an hour and a half to get to our #44 rescue visit in Rexburg, Idaho.  It was a bit hot.  And the persons are a bit exhausted at this point in our trip.  The persons were running late.  Girl Person was making sure all of our food and stuff for the rescue was packed.  Boy Person was trying to make a potato hat for the video with them, and it generally was mayhem trying to leave on time.  Potato hats take awhile.


As the persons were driving, they started talking about how we only had four more rescues to visit after this.  It would seem like we want to finish, and we do.  But what will we do when we wake up and realize we are done?  The pressure seemed to be less.  It seemed more fun to go.  And when we got there?  There were nice people waiting for us. There were presents for us!  And you know what?  This pressure we had at the beginning of the day?  What pressure?

Article and Video On Four Paws Adoption Coming June 11th.

I have a few questions for you today.  What if you woke up this morning and your pressures were not there?  What if you woke up to go to work,  but you had no job? What if you were tired and irritated to walk your dog in the rain, but your dog was no longer there to walk?  What if you didn’t want to pick up the phone to talk to a friend because you were busy, but then that friend was no longer around to call?  What if you didn’t want to make dinner, but you had no money for food anyway?  What if you were irritated the sun was too bright and woke you up too early? What if the sun didn’t come up?

We may think the pressures we have are a nuisance, like my howling.  But are pressures really our blessings in disguise?  What if things were different for you today?  So think about what things you don’t want to do today.  And then think if they really are what make your life worth living.  Because I can guarantee that they are.  And I don’t make many guarantees.  Except that I need some pancakes.  I guarantee!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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