Now What

This is Fruitycake. I am taking over the blog again today because Brickle is tired and the persons are tired. And they need to save their energy.

We received some news on Brickle yesterday. But only SOME news. And now we wait again. So now what? I don’t know what. Here is the what the vet said.

“Johnson family,
Attached is the radiology report for Brickle.
So the radiologist did see changes in Brickle’s heart. These changes can be related to heartworms (unlikely based on current test), cardiac issues due to cardiac value/heart disease, or pulmonary hypertension.
The lungs may be old age related. However, pulmonary infection or inflammation could be the cause of the lung changes as well.
NO signs of the metastisis in the lungs. Yeah. They recommended a work up on “the mass associated with the chest wall” Which we know to be a lipoma. So I am not concerned about that.
So the radiologist recommends an ultrasound of the heart, and possibly a BAL (bronchoavelolar lavage)- this is where the patient is sedated, saline is placed in the lungs & sucked back to get the what cells we can get in the fluid.”

That’s a lot. Huh? Girl Person sent over more questions to the vet person. And now we wait again. We want this taken care of as soon as possible. It’s worrying us to wait.

And it’s so hard to wait when you want a problem to go away. And we want that lump monster in his mouth out of here.

I’m learning sometimes in life that you have to rely on your own instinct and motivation behind decisions. I haven’t been in a family long.

But I know you will do anything for each other. You’ll even be strong for each other. And that’s often the hardest thing to do.

Now what? Well, I guess we do our best to find direction and as fast as we can. We aren’t giving in to worst case scenarios. We are going with best case outcomes only.

That Italy place will wait for us. Right now, we have to help Brickle and find somewhere to live in a few weeks. Life is rough. Life is real rough. And tougher than a piece of celery.

But the good times make all of it worth it. You have to chew thru it. We love you, Brickle. We love you. Now what? I say peanut butter ice cream. That’s it!

-Fruitycake The Raccoon

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