The Telephone Game

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  It has been an eventful week around here.  Truth be told, and I always tell the truth, we were a bit nervous to tell you our news yesterday.  But it sounds like everyone is on board!  And if you weren’t onboard, our journeys would never be quite as fun.  So thank you.  That’s enough niceness.  Back to business. I have a game to talk about today.  The telephone game.  With Memaw Macaw.

Oh, you may remember Memaw Macaw from earlier in the year when we were parked there.  You know…Boy Person’s mom person. And you may remember Lele too.


And Tommy Cat.


Well, as you may recall, they had to move from their lifelong home in Florida to Rome, Georgia.  Memaw Macaw was able to get a new house that wasn’t falling down and it was a good opportunity to come here on our way back to that Florida place and see her, Lele and Tommy Cat.  Except that she didn’t know we were coming.

Boy Person thought it might be fun to surprise her yesterday and when he came over, she was surprised to see him, yes.  She was busy being happy in her yard and doing things Memaw Macaw likes to do like talk.  And talk more.  And talk more about talking more.  But why was she so surprised to see Boy Person? She told him that she thought we were already living over in that Italy place.

Now, I am not one to listen to many people besides myself.  Deputy Digby?  Unless you have a dinner bell, he ain’t listening either. And all of this reminded me of that game persons play call the telephone game.

You see, Boy Person had told Memaw Macaw that we were thinking of moving to that Italy place.  But she forgot some of the parts of the conversation and remembered what she wanted to. She heard what she wanted to. No harm done there, because we don’t know where we are half the time.  Understandable.


Maybe you would think that being in a different country would be kind of memorable to Memaw Macaw.  You might think that she would have remembered we weren’t there yet.  Maybe you might think that she didn’t care.  But I knew why.  You see, I get her drift.  When you care about someone so much, and want them to be happy, it doesn’t matter where they are.  You know that they will always be around, even if they are in Italy.  For Memaw Macaw, it was hard to leave her childhood home.  But once she got to her new place, she realized it was for the best.  And we all have to remember that life will change.  Where we are will change.  The persons around us may change. She thought we were already in Italy?  Maybe we are already there in our hearts.  Maybe what she heard is important too.

I say that if dogs had to play the telephone game, it would be quite interesting.  Because I am pretty sure when it came to the end of the line, the word would still be bark.  Yet, we would still know the meaning.  Despite what some may think, we are actually better at listening than persons.  Because we listen and speak with our hearts mostly.  And that is louder than any words spoken.


Deputy Digby says that what he always hears are the good things. So as you are talking today, not only try to listen and speak less, but hear the good things.  And if someone says that they are thinking of moving to Italy, and that’s what you remember, don’t be surprised if they show up unexpectedly with a pot of spaghetti.  We are headed to see Memaw Macaw tonight.  Should we call first?

Tomorrow, we are leaving Rome, Georgia and have a LONG drive to Adel, Georgia. Then we will make our way to Tampa, Florida to arrive by Monday if the Big Blue Treat Wagon cooperates.  

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle


What are we going to be eating when the persons are away? We still need fresh food, but it has to be convenient for our aunt who is watching us on our spaw vacation.  If you make your dogs’ food like Girl Person does, but you have an emergency or a trip planned, NomNomNow is a great alternative.  We have been trying it out this week, and Girl Person has given it her seal of approval.  I even like it.  Yes. Even me. Fresh food is the best.  You know it.  I know it.  Check out NomNomNow!

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