Take My Paw

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Some days are harder than others. Some years are harder than others. Sometimes, words fail you. Because there are no words to express what you feel. Because there are no words to express the pain. Persons have the luxury of being able to say how they feel. Dogs don’t. Well, at least you can’t understand us. But for Boy Person right now, if he could understand me, I would tell him to take my paw. All four if he needed to.

You see, Boy Person’s father passed away yesterday. We didn’t want to worry you, but Boy Person had to drive and rush to see him. We couldn’t go because it was too hot to travel. And well, he had to do it alone. And he had to say goodbye to his dad.


I haven’t known Boy Person all his life. But his dad sure did. I hear stories of fun times and bad. I hear tales of traveling and hardship. I hear tales of life. The words have never failed before when talking about him. And as some gathered around him in his hospital bed yesterday, more stories were told between the tears and pain. But then. Silence. That silence that comes when your heart breaks.

Think of your life. The beginning. The middle. Where you are now. Think of all the people and animals you loved and lost. Remember some of the good times and the bad. And I’m sure you have regrets. We all do. But there are no words to summarize a life. There are no words that can convey a life’s meaning. Not in a newspaper. Not in a card. Nothing, nothing can.

It’s always amazed me that something can happen to you so devastating and you almost expect the world to stop. But it doesn’t. And the words fail you and they seem to spin around and around. Yet you just can’t catch them.


So for now, we will let the words fail us. We will talk more about Boy Person’s dad next week. And until then, here is my paw. If you’ve lost someone or you need just to feel, I’m here. It’s ok to let silence speak sometimes until you catch your breath.

It’s easy to not see the sun thru the rain. But we have to hold an umbrella for each other sometimes. And I’ve got it now. Get under it, Boy Person.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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