Only The Lonely

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Digby is still on sick leave…worker’s comp…pancake therapy.  Whatever.


So I am writing to you again today.  I need a vacation, but I would have to buy two tickets to wherever we were going.  Because being lonely? Being without my law enforcement pawtner?  It is no fun.  No fun at all.

They say…and once again, I don’t know who “they” is…they say that you always have room in your heart for a new friend.  Well, Deputy Digby has always kept me pretty busy.  Deputy Digby has always scared new potential friends with his howl…and I have never complained about it.  Because he was all I needed anyway.  Who had time for anyone else? But now that he is on rest orders from the vet person, I do have a bit more time on my paws.  So I opened up my heart yesterday to an opportunity in front of me to make a new friend on my morning walk. Without. Digby.

I have never understood cats.  They act like they love you from a distance, but generally, don’t want you to get too close.  Well, maybe I do understand cats, especially this cat.  She was almost as pretty as me.

I tried to talk to her.  I tried to convey the fact that I could arrest her if I wanted to, but I was letting her go.  I tried to tell her that woof means meow in dog and that meow means woof in cat.  But all she wanted to do was purr and look at me.  She had no depth.  No philosophy for the day.  Not even a suggestion on where to get the best peanut butter cookies around here.  And I found my heart crying.  Crying that Digby wasn’t here to howl at her.  Crying in my heart that facts were facts.  A best friend is a best friend.  You can’t replace them.

As I walked away, with my handsome being tarnished by a lonesome teardrop, it occurred to me.  I was still able to walk back to Digby.  Things would get better.  And I had to focus on that.  Because sometimes, you don’t have an opportunity to see someone again.  Sometimes, the lonely is for good.  And I wanted to remember this feeling of appreciation for the Deputy on the days when he stinks so bad I want to jump out of the car window.  I wanted to remember this feeling for the times upcoming when he burps in my face, steals my eggies, or howls in my ear.  Yes, yes, I had to remember being lonely so that I would appreciate not being lonely.  He’s got my heart.  He’s got the title of my Deputy.  And my brother.  He’s got it.

So if there is someone that irritates you today, remember this.  You would be lonely without them.  How would your life be without them? We don’t want to think about stuff like that, but if we don’t, we won’t appreciate the now.  And cat?  You had a chance to be a Colonel Cat.  I could always use more on the force.  But you did not pass the interview.  And you. Are. Arrested.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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The Castle

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Have you ever gazed upon something magical, something wonderful, something worth gasping about, and you think of who you want to tell about it?  Perhaps I can illustrate this way.  You know, it’s the feeling every time you see me and you have to tell the world.  You have to. It’s natural to feel a bit of puppy love.

That was how I felt this weekend as Girl Person and I were walking on the beach.  You may wonder where Deputy Digby was.  With all of our thunderstorms and rain and lightening, he has become a bit obstinate.  If it is raining, or if rain is even thinking about raining, Digby ain’t goin nowhere.  And so after Girl Person almost pulled her back out trying to carry him down our flooded, campground roadway, she gave up.  She took Digby back to the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV and he was happy to wait it out.  However, what Digby didn’t know was that the rain never came, and then me and Girl Person were alone on the beach a mile away.  Feeling pretty empty without Digby with us.  It just didn’t feel right at all.  And that’s when I saw it.  The castle in the sand.



Truth be told, and I always tell the truth, I was a bit down.  Without Deputy Digby to make my life more difficult, it had become too easy for that hour.  And normally, when we see a sandcastle, Girl Person has to pull Digby away from peeing on it.  She has to block him from knocking it down.  And well.  There the castle was, just being a castle, no one was around, and the castle wasn’t in any danger.  This wasn’t so much fun.  Boring.  I felt like we were just wandering around for no reason.

I knew that I should try and remember to tell Deputy Digby about the castle in case the next day he wanted to do his business plan on it.  I took a picture in my mind of our coordinates, and I sat down next to it so that Girl Person could take my picture.  She started laughing because she thought that I really, really, liked this castle.  Well, I did.  I didn’t even care that people were walking by gazing at the feast for the eyes that was me by a well built castle.  Oh, I looked like an angel.

As I sat there though, and I admired this castle that was all mine, and not even Digby’s…I wondered.  Was a castle really worth having if you were the only one there?  Was a castle even as majestic or big or pretty if only one person saw it?  Wouldn’t its beauty be worth more the more people that visited it?  I wondered.


As I gazed upon the castle, and wished for the days gone past when Digby would have just knocked it down, it occurred to me.  Even I can’t be King of the castle with no one else there.

As I did my deep thinking as usual, I turned my back to the castle.  With one, big wave, the castle was washed away.  And I suppose that I knew it would happen.  There is nothing material in our life that can’t be taken away in an instance…including the ones that we love.  It didn’t matter to me at that point that the castle had been washed away.  It only mattered to me that in a few minutes time, I could walk back to our RV and see my Deputy again.  I was feeling pretty good that I had that chance.  However, when you leave Digby all alone in an RV for an hour, your castle sure doesn’t smell like a castle.  And yet, that was ok.  I might not be a King of a castle, but King of an RV is a pretty good job too.

We all build on what is important to us. Be careful that your worth isn’t based on something that can be lost or washed away.  You can spend all of your time building something that although big, will leave no room for anything else in your life.  Fill your castle with the ones you love.  Even if your castle is a house on wheels.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle


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