The Old Man And The Bees

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. I am a bit relaxed today. I know that is hard to believe, but being in a town like Sequim, Washington has brought out the best in me.

Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.-Ernest Hemingway

We may have started off our days here a bit tired, irritable and worn out, but I have learned that often it only takes one person to change your day for the better. Or in our case, one person and a swarm of bees.

The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.-Ernest Hemingway


We have only been here for a few nights, but we already have our routine. Get up, lay around, walk down to the marina, watch the boats, come back to camp, get breakfast and then plan our day. And since we are in a different place every week, it is hard for anywhere to ever really feel like home, and I guess in a way, we don’t want it to feel like home. Because eventually, we are going to have to leave it. But sometimes, things just happen, and you feel things you can’t help. Even though you know you are going to miss that person, place or furkid, you still let your guard down. Because the little time you have with it is worth the pain you will one day feel. And I suppose that is how we are going to feel about leaving Sequim, Washington.

Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.-Ernest Hemingway


As we were walking at the marina yesterday morning, it was busy. There were boats pulling in and out, lots of cars, and Girl Person was starting to get irritable again with all the commotion. But then, all of a sudden, a man who Girl Person said looked like a famous book writer got out of his truck, walked over to us, and told us what good dogs we were.

He asked Girl Person if he could give us a treat and opened up a brand new box of dog bones. He gave us our treats, got back to pulling his boat and was gone. And Girl Person told us that we indeed were good dogs and that it was going to be another good day.


Of course, every person we saw after that, we assumed had a treat for us. The man person with a hamburger, the girl person who was afraid of dogs, the couple people who were gazing into each other eyes and Deputy Digby tried to jump on them, and a grumpy woman person who was running from us trying to find her dog biscuits in her purse. I know they were in there.

But man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated.-Ernest Hemingway

So…we were making a name for ourselves at the marina in Sequim, Washington, but that was ok. We were going to be leaving in a few days, and well, that was that. We got back, ate our breakfast and knew it was going to be a good day. Girl Person started cleaning up, and then she started complaining as Girl Person does when she has to wash a million dishes outside on a tree stump, since we have no sewer hookups and are parked for so long.


As she was standing there and I was supervising, we heard it. Buuzzzzzz. Buzzzzzz. Louder and louder.

I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.-Ernest Hemingway

Girl Person looked up in the direction of the noise and we saw it. A huge swarm of bees. Now, most people would be scared at a sight like this, but the persons like bees and have learned a little about them. And they know when a swarm like this occurs, the bees are trying to find a new home. And it is very, very rare that you see such a thing. And all the persons could do was stand there and marvel. Sequim, Washington had taught us something again.

You see, even bees know sometimes that they need to move. They know that if their home gets too small or threatened that they must move along together. It is the cycle of their lives. And we feel a bit like the bees today too. There was nothing wrong with our Florida place home, and there still isn’t. And we have traveled to places and states on this trip for over a year now, every time wondering…could this be home? Like the bees, we are still searching for somewhere we can afford, somewhere that feels like home, somewhere we will go together. Change is necessary in life, and can be good just like for the bees. If bees can do it, we can do it. So we keep searching, keeping our minds and hearts open. Life is so uncertain right now, and we are worried. But Sequim, Washington has taught us that there are still good people and good places out there.


And at the end of our day last night, the most perfect thing happened. As our evening walk thru the marina was coming to a close with the sunset, an officer pulled thru. He stopped, turned around, and we thought the worst. I didn’t call for backup, so what was going on?


Just like the old man at the beginning of our day, he had a treat for us too. And although we refused to sit for him, he didn’t arrest us and thanked his fellow officers.

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.-Ernest Hemingway

And we knew this day was meant to teach us a lesson. Embrace life, see the good. It is still out there.  And we will find our place…somewhere soon.

The only thing that could spoil a day was people. People were always the limiters of happiness except for the very few that were as good as spring itself. -Ernest Hemingway
-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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It’s So Easy To Do That With Soggy Bread

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Washington place? You have certainly been a sight for sore eyes, just like me.


Every where we turn, we see something new, learn something new, or find a new food to try.


It’s really been fun to be able to relax for a bit.

You might find this surprising…but the persons have a bit of a hard time relaxing. And I think that they have finally realized that. But it took a little bit of soul searching for especially Girl Person this weekend to make her realize that she needed to make a few changes. I have been trying to tell her this all along, but no one speaks dog around here.


It has been crazy busy in this campground. There have been people everywhere and lots and lots of noises and running going on. There have been lots of boats and fisherman and general mayhem. Oh, wait, the mayhem may have been us.

Many people have off from their jobs, and obviously, they have all decided to camp next to us. You may find this very, very hard to believe, but I hate noise. I hate people running around and I try to police everyone. I seem to pick up on the persons’ feelings a lot, although I don’t need much help being irritable. And the more irritable they get, the more irritable I get. The more they don’t like something, the more I don’t like something. Deputy Digby? The more he sleeps or howls. There is no inbetween.


So as the persons were complaining how tired they were, more people kept coming that made noise and parked next to the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV. One would leave, another one would come. And the persons were feeling claustrophobic and Girl Person said that she was just about done with camping and with people. So, off she went to the market by herself for an hour, which seems to be her therapy.


And as she was there, someone ran over her foot, everyone was in a hurry, and some man person shoved her cart into the bread pile. Now, usually, Girl Person keeps very quiet, but she had had enough with persons. She asked the man what was wrong with him, and he kept walking. Girl Person just wasn’t having a good day, but as she looked at that pile of fresh, organic bread, she picked up a loaf, imagined grilled cheese sandmiches, or if you want to be proper, sandwiches, and tomato soup. She tried to brush off the mean, cart pushing man person and try to avoid the rest of the persons. Everywhere.

Then, as she got back to camp, there were little persons running thru the campsite, on top of flower beds just watered, and she lost it. She told the little persons that they couldn’t step on flowers and wondered what was coming over her. Why was everything bothering her? Why did she find it necessary to correct everyone and be irritable? What happened to relaxing, going with the flow, and who was this person she was becoming?

I did not know the answers to any of these questions, and as I tried to figure out how to help, I got thirsty, went over to my water bowl, and had a loooong drink of water. How was I supposed to know that the bread was in a bag on the floor next to my water and how was I to know that I wasn’t supposed to peek in the bread bag with drool coming out of my mouth? I did not know the answers to these questions either. And so, there it was. A bag of soggy bread, a Girl Person mad at the world, and then…newsflash. I saved the day once again.

As Girl Person was agonizing over her bread, the campers with the little persons starting packing up to leave after being there only one night. At first, the persons remarked they were going to be happy to get some peace and quiet.  But then.  The persons looked out the window at the campers. The little camper persons started walking their dog with a rope and no leash. Girl Person and Boy Person wondered what their story was. Why didn’t they have a leash? Were they ok? Why were they only staying one night? And then, another newsflash. Girl Person started to cry. She told Boy Person she was becoming someone she did not want to be. She told Boy Person that it was not right to judge anyone. Had she contributed to any goodness in their day, or had she been a source of irritation to them?  Was she just like that mean, cart pushing man person? Why didn’t she know that everything wasn’t about her?

If you have ever been disappointed in yourself, which I never have, you probably know that it is a pretty bad feeling when you realize you were in the wrong. And for Girl Person, she was feeling pretty bad for reacting so negatively to many different people in her day. What if she had reacted different with kindness? Would the outcomes have been better? Would she have felt better too?  She needed some bread to soak up this negativity.  Soggy bread should do the job.  Again? You’re welcome.

As she watched the fellow campers preparing to head out, she grabbed a new leash, a Bowser Beer, and gave it to Boy Person. He was already on his way out the door. They both told each other that they had to try harder. They had to be better people, and although this trip and the animal rescue part has had more of an effect on them this past year than you will ever know, it is time to pull it together. To help animals, you have to help people. You have to love people, because ultimatately, we all need to pull together, to be an example, to teach, to be kind.

When you see so much badness done to animals as our persons have, it is easy to get a bad attitude towards everyone, to be tired and irritable.  But it is not fair to anyone.  So Washington? Thank you for opening up all of our eyes to be better persons.  But us dogs? We can’t get any better if we tried.

This week is going to be great!  We have a trip planned to Olympic National Park, a dog park day and a lavender farm day!  Are you ready? I’ve got some soggy bread all ready for sandmiches! Let’s do this!!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle


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