Hit The Road Jack. Or Us. Either One.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  The day has arrived.  It is time.  Time to start back on the Adventure Of A Lifetime!  I bet you thought that we would never leave that Florida place again, did you?  Did you have any doubts?  It is time to hit the road!

First things first.  As we were in the campground getting ready yesterday and packing up, you will never guess who we saw.  Well, I guess you can guess if you saw our Facebook page yesterday. It was white pants man. But I have renamed him Jack so that I can tell him to hit the road without getting in trouble. If you sing something, it seems less obvious how you really feel.  We thought that he had already hit the road.  Apparently, he just moved campsites to get away from us. Well! White pants man with the white camper and the white car? Good for you, Jack. Glad you found a campsite that was more appropriate for you. Did I mention that my new love moved to your old spot?  So it didn’t hurt my feelings.  My feelings are all caught up with Maggie.


And perhaps it is true.  Only one of us belong in this town.  And we will be leaving it for you.  We have more important things to do than worry about your swept leaves and your ranger calling ways.  We have other campgrounds to get the rangers called on us now to visit.  It is time. Time to get going on our trip!

We have been over and over the last few weeks everything that has gone wrong.  We have been over how much we will miss our family and friends.  We have been over how nervous we are to start again, and perhaps it wasn’t really time to leave before.  But we have to do this.  Girl Person says that she has never really finished anything in her life.  I can vouch for that.  Sometimes she gets distracted.  Sometimes she worries too much. Sometimes that depression thing takes over.  But this trip means something to us all, and we want to finish. We want to do this for our fans, for the rescues and for ourselves.  So Jack?  Allow US to hit the road this time for real.  We have one stop to get our tires and then we will be making our way to that Mississippi place.  We won’t get there until Monday. We are gonna take this slow.  Ease back into it like when you haven’t seen me for a few minutes.  It is shocking and overwhelming and you can only look with one eye at first.

So here we go.  The Adventure Of A Lifetime continues.  See ya Jack.  I cannot say goodbye to Maggie.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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