Let’s Dance. Not Really.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  It has been pointed out to me that I am handsome.  I pointed this out to myself today.  Because there really is no explanation of why an ordinary hike, an ordinary jaunt at the dog park, or an ordinary walk on the beach always turns into a scene.

You know, I can’t help the way that I look if I wanted to, but I don’t want to.  But it is beyond me why these random love fests come at me everyday.  It’s like they want to dance or something.  They come up to me, I back away, they come closer, I move that way, they move this way.  Do you want to dance, they seem to say.  Not really.

There I was, just hiking along the other day with my brother from a different mother. And a hiker person and her hiker person friend jumped out of their car, ran up to us, kinda pretending that they were not running up to us, and asked Girl Person if they could pet us.  Girl Person said yes, and so they oohed and ahhed over Digby while I tried to play hard to get.  I guess I did a good job as an actor, but that was not surprising, because I do a good job at whatever I do.  And as they walked away, I heard the hiker person say that I must have been old.  Nah, it’s just the way things are with Bricklemania.


Then, the next day, we went to the beach.  You guessed it.  I’ve been working on this body for a long time.  And a couple of beach persons came up to us and asked Girl Person if they could pet us because they were missing their dogs.  Girl Person said sure, told the smaller persons to be slow, and there it was.  More people wanting to dance.  I suppose that there are no rules for dancing on the beach, but my rules state nope.  Not with Bricklemania.  Digby played the sweet one again, and I walked away.  One of the smaller persons said softly that I must not like her.  Nah.  I just am tired from Bricklemania.


As you can see, it was turning out to be a really busy week.  And well, Girl Person thought that with all of the rain we had had lately, a run at the dog park was in order.  Now.  First of all.  I rarely run.  I am in no hurry.  But I do like to dig a hole and sit down and police.  That is what I do best.


As I was sitting there, being the dirtiest, most handsome Sheriff in a dirt hole that there ever was, two walker persons walked by the dog park.  Walkers walk.  But without a dog, it seemed odd as they came into the dog park.  We heard them saying, “Oooohhhhh….ahhhhh….awwww… “. The usual.  And I thought.  Oh, fabulous.  Bricklemania even in a dirt hole.


Girl Person said hello, and they asked her if it was weird that they had no dogs but they really loved dogs, and they really wanted to pet us.  They said again.  “Is that weird?”.  Nothing is weird with Bricklemania.  You can’t control it.  Even when you try to hide it in the dirt.

So, this time, as usual, I played hard to get.  Digby soaked up all the back rubs and the love.  And I thought, well, that this would be like every other time with Bricklemania.  I thought that they would come to me.  But after petting Digby and looking at my face, they decided that they were going to go.  And they hadn’t even heard about Bricklemania.


It shocked me, but it also shocked me that I cared.  I had been so used to not dancing and not caring that when someone actually reacted to the energy I put off,  it made me have feelings.  And Bricklemania does not have feelings.

Girl Person saw my face and told me that it was ok.  She told me that they were probably in a hurry or I had scared them a little bit, but not to take it personal.  But I did.  And I thought to myself, is this what persons do?  Is this why they seem so unhappy sometimes?  Are they trying to escape from the world by being in a hurry and acting mad so that others don’t talk to them or bother them?  What happens when what they want to happen…actually…happens?  And then they are alone, or are very sad, or want friends?  I had to take a step back and wonder.   Should I learn how to dance…maybe a little bit?  Maybe you should be dancing too.

You see, life can be rushed.  Life can make us feel stressed.  In a hurry.  Or just tired.  But are we really ever too busy to say hello?  Channel your inner Bricklemania and embrace the love today.  Will you accept this dance?

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Come And Knock On Our Door

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Yesterday, we had an assignment.  And I always take my assignments seriously.  We had to hit the road for a mini road trip.


You see, my job may be the Sheriff and laying down the law.  But as equally important is my public service.  And one of my fans needed a cheer up visit.  With two broken wrists, and a bag full of pancakes, she needed someone to help her eat them and say hello. And we were on the way.


Girl Person loaded us up in the car and told us that we had a long ride to get to her house. We left early because it gets hot here in this Florida place.  And we packed our best moods too, so that we could bring the happy to her house. It took me awhile to find my happy mood.  Almost as long as it takes Girl Person to find her keys.

We drove over a bridge, and through a city, and we finally got there.  We were first greeted by her furkid Oscar.


As much as we enjoyed talking to Oscar about the weather down there, we were here for business. We knocked on the door.

As Deputy Digby peed on a flower bush, we were greeted with open arms wrapped in casts, by Fran.  She invited us inside, but we reluctantly went through her doors to the horror of horrors.  A wood floor that caused the Deputy to jump on her couch, and me running for the sliding glass doors. This was a scene, alright.  It was almost like trying to get into a hammock.  You know it is going to be comfy, but it ain’t welcoming.

We knew at this point that Fran and her husband John were second guessing their willingness to welcome us into their home.  We never leave quietly, and we sure don’t make an entrance quietly.

Oscar was soon accompanied by Annie. They were knee-high to a grasshopper, as Granny used to say.


And although it is not customary to get a nip on the nose from your host, Annie tried to make up for it with her good looks.  Plus, we had already made a scene and destroyed Fran’s couch, so bygones be bygones.


But as we went outside, we were able to stretch our legs and sit for a spell.  Sure is nice to be appreciated as Sheriff.  But we ended up realizing how much we appreciated Fran and John, yes, even Oscar and Annie.

You see, as Sheriff,  I want those that appreciate us to know what we are the ones who are fortunate to have them.  We all need friends and support.

Whether we realize it or not, we all play a part in how the world goes round.  We can make someone’s day good just as easy as we can make it bad.  We could have spent our morning doing what we usually do.  But taking time out to say thank you should be a part of every day.  And we have been lacking on that.  So to all of our fans who we love, thank you.  We wish that we could visit you all.  But for every picture or video that we post, every blog we write, every podcast we record, YOU are the reason we do it.  Yes, we want to help animals.  But we want to help people too.  So if you can take one thing from my assignment today, I ask that you make an effort to knock on someone’s door too.  You never know if there will be pancakes or peanut butter cookies behind it.  Yes.  I said that.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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