We Are Moving To…

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Since I’ve been with you the longest, actually, I’ve been talking to you since 2011, I felt it was my job to tell you the news today.

Well. All of us will tell you….watch below!

That’s right. After years and years of dreaming, we are moving to that Italy place. And I know that you have lots of questions. I do too. So we are going to take this one step and one mile at a time.

But I want to clear up the most important concerns that I had first. Although there is a lot to explain, and we will as the days go on, you may wonder…

How will me and Fruitycake get there? Don’t worry. We will not be riding in the bottom of a plane. Getting there will be fun and part of the adventuring. More to come.

When are we leaving? Most likely the end of May or June.

Where will we live when we get to Italy? Well. This is the most exciting part of all. We will be buying a little house with big renovations. And it will be my castle.

Will we keep traveling? Yes!! We will be taking trips very often to campgrounds in Europe.

Will we still do animal rescue? Yes. This is our heart and soul and reason behind 2 Traveling Dogs. We will continue to do work for and fundraise for animal rescues in the USA while also being involved in world efforts for animal rescue.

Will the blog and our posts continue? Nothing will change with the blog or posting. In fact, we will be having more videos and more content each and every day. We want you to feel like you are with us. Because you are and you have been since 2011.

So our news is that we are moving to Italy! We have much more to tell you and share with you. Including videos and pictures of our little house. And we hope that we will have your love and support and most of all, we hope you are excited too. Life is full of change and surprise. And our family wants to experience all we can in life together. And we want to show others it doesn’t matter what change you want to make in your life. It is always possible to include your pets. And we hope to be an example that rescuing a pet can change not only their life, but yours too.

We are so happy. We are so scared. We are so excited. And it’s time to be the happiest we can be. Let’s go! Let’s go to Italy!

Peanut Butter Brickle

If you have ordered a postcard from Brickle and Fruitycake, they will start being mailed out next week. Get yours here.