Two Rights

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Every day is an adventure. Even if we walk or hike at the same place more than once, there are always new things to look at and new smells. A new day brings a new way to look at something. But sometimes, there is so much to look at, you can’t focus.

As we were hiking yesterday, Girl Person let Brickle off his leash for a little bit. It’s allowed there, but it still makes her nervous.

She trusts Brickle. But she doesn’t trust herself to trust him. Makes no sense. She doesn’t let me off leash, because we both know what will happen. I’ve proven that many times. And actually, I’m ok with being by her now. It’s right for me. But right for Brickle to be the opposite.

For me, I would choose to run into the woods if I was off leash. I would smell and chase whatever I could till the cows came home. And if they didn’t come home, I’d stay out there anyways. I would Forget I was worrying the persons. But eventually I would remember dinner…wherever I roamed.

But Brickle? He patiently waits for us to catch up on the trail. He stays when he is told. And he chooses to use his freedom…sitting down.

I’ve never seen anything like it. His freedom is everything to him. He has told me so. But it’s because of the trust in him. Not where he can go. It would be right for him to run. That’s what most would expect. For it’s also right for him to sit. Having freedom to make choices is a good thing.

But what if you have trouble with choices? Maybe there are two right choices. Maybe more. But you can’t decide which way to go. You can’t decide where you want to go in life because you are scared that there is something better?

Making choices and decisions are hard for some persons. You can either sit down like Brickle and just enjoy where you are. Or you can just do whatever. Like me. Is any approach wrong? Is any choice wrong? No. It’s yours.

We can only do the best based on information we have. We can only go with our heart sometimes. Once you make a decision, either take off that leash or let yourself be led. Either way, enjoy the view. That’s always the right choice. And when you make that choice, don’t worry about what someone else would choose or what would be right in their eyes. Because you and only you will have to travel that path. Make sure you want to go.

Deputy Digby Pancake

The Not So Itsy Bitsy Spider

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  I love how the light glistens on the leaves in the trees in the morning.  I love how the birds get their breakfast leisurely at 10 a.m.  I love how when Girl Person walks outside with her mud in the cup first thing in the morning, she gets her sunshiney going from within.  

And even though that sunshiney lasts only a few hours, I will take it.

But as the persons were sitting outside at camp enjoying the day this week, Boy Person casually said, “wow.  I am impressed.”  Now, Brickle of course thought he was talking to him.

But he was not.  Girl Person knew he wasn’t talking about her with her mismatched socks.  No, he was talking about the not so itsy bitsy spider.

There that spider was.  Just hanging out being a spider.  Waiting for food, making webs. Being all impressive.

Girl Person loves all creatures. But she certainly didn’t want this spider on her.  As content as Boy Person was to watch the spider and let it hang out, Girl Person let it hang out further away.

But as they watched the not so itsy bitsy spider, I wondered.  Where did he carry that stuff around to make the webs? Did he go to a web store? Or did he surf the web to buy the web?  No. Girl Person said they make their webs with silk that they produce themselves.  Can you imagine?

Imagine being able to make something you need.  I imagine that if I wanted pancakes, I could make some anytime!  If Brickle wanted peanut butter cookies, he could simply think about it and bark and there they would be! Girl Person could make her own french fries and wine.  Boy Person could make his own tacos.

Now, that would be impressive.  Persons just see spiders and get scared.  And Girl Person, as she took a shower in the prison showers here yesterday, made the mistake of looking up.  There another spider was.  This one was smaller.  But he kept dropping from his web almost on to her head. And she wasn’t having any of this.  Impressive, yes.  But no one wants a spider in their pants or in their lack of pants.  I always say no to pants, and this is yet another occasion its appropriate.

So as Girl Person told the spider that he was impressive, she gathered up her shampoo and her conditioner and her flip flops and headed to the other shower next door.

Yes, some things on our earth may make us uncomfortable.  But do we wonder why?  Do we appreciate a not so itsy bitsy spider for the amazing things it can do?  No one wants to be harmed.  Even the spider just wants to live its life.

Instead of killing something for no reason, can we live in harmony? If we took a moment to just think about one fact about the spider..that it makes its own silk, would that stop us from harming it? If we have to move along like Girl Person moved showers, is that such a big deal?  Is it such a big deal to be kind to a not so itsy bitsy spider?  I think not.  The spider can teach us many lessons.  One of which is that we each have everything inside us to build our dreams, our webs.  Let the spider teach you, not scare you.  When you marvel at another’s beauty, you learn to recognize your own.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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