Spiderwebs Or Tree Roots

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. When you walk thru the forest every day like I do, you see many things. Many beautiful things. Because I am also in the forest. Just saying.

You also see what makes up the forest. You get to see how everything in the forest has a purpose. Even the spiderwebs. Even the tree roots.

As we walked thru the forest, I looked at the spiderwebs. They were stunning in the morning sun and fog. They glistened and they shined. Sometimes there was a spider in the web. Sometimes, they had already left.

I also looked at the tree roots as Girl Person tripped over them. They also were beautiful although they were on the ground. They stabilized the trees that would be there all of their lives. They may not have shined as brightly as the spiderwebs. But they served a purpose too in the forest.

Now did the spiderwebs need the tree roots to shine? Not really. Did the tree roots need the spiderwebs to shine? No. Not really. But they each had an important purpose. Unique and their own.

What is your purpose? What makes you shine? It’s not dependent on someone else. Your purpose is your own. Your purpose is yours. Don’t let someone else’s purpose confuse you.

It takes all of us shining in our own light to make the world beautiful.

Please consider how your purpose even helps others when you are happy and fulfilled. I keep trying to tell this to Girl Person. It’s time to listen to the forest she is in.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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