I Knew You Were Waiting For Me.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Can I tell you first of all what an awesome day that we had yesterday?  For the first time in five years since we left that California place, we saw snow! Snow!  And well, it was cold.

I can’t really say that we were as impressed as we thought we would be.  I mean really.  This stuff was cold.  Did I mention that? It is a little different than the sand in that Florida place.  The only thing I truly enjoyed about it was the fact that the Deputy forgot and ate the yellow snow, although he was reminded numerous times not to.  He. Eat. Anything.


But what the snow did do for us was to invigorate us!  Cold has a way of waking you up.  You see, we have really began to get into the groove of this Adventure Of A Lifetime.  It only took us 40 states to find it.  But now that we found it, you better believe we are excited!  We have eight more states and eight more rescues to visit.  And the animals?  They need us!  They are waiting for us!  I knew it!  I have been trying to tell the persons that all along.

And the river was deep I didn’t falter
When the mountain was high
I still believed
When the valley was low
It didn’t stop me
I knew you were waiting

Have we had some low valleys?  Oh, you know it.  Living in dirt.  Washing clothes in a bucket.  Washing dishes in the dirt and loosing a fork or spoon every week. I don’t know what that has to do with anything, but it is odd. Digby doesn’t even use utensils. We have had a broken down car at times. A broken down RV at times.  Broken down persons.  Broken down dogs.  And it is true, we ARE tired.  We are dragging a little bit.  We are going slower, not able to do a state a week at this point because the states are bigger. And we are tired.  BUT.  But the animals.  The animals.  They are waiting for our visit.  No, not to see us.  But they need for us to tell others about them.  That they are out there! That they are not invisible.  And the people that are trying to help them need us too!  They are waiting, and we know it.


The hurt is over
One touch and you set me free
I don’t regret a single moment
Looking back, when I think of all those disappointments
I just laugh, I just laugh

Sometimes, as Sheriff, it is my duty to remind the persons why we actually decided to do this trip.  To be together as a family.  To simplify our lives from stuff.  And most of all, someone saved me and Deputy Digby so that Girl Person and Boy Person could find us.

And was crippled emotionally
Somehow I made it through the heartace
I escaped
I found my way out of the darkness, kept my faith
Kept my faith

Now.  It is our turn to give back.  And until we finish all the 48 contiguous states that we promised we would, we will not take a break.  We are so pumped.  More pumped than my muscles. And that my friends is pumped.  Beyond pumped.


So if you are still waiting for us to get to your state, we are on the way.

Knew you were waiting for me
With and endless desire
I kept on searching
Sure in time our eyes would meet
And like the bridge is on fire

We may not look very pretty on the last day of this adventure.  Actually, I will, but that’s a given.  We may have less money in our pockets.  Our pockets may be on dirty pants or no pants at all.  But after it is all said and done, the only thing that will be waiting for us is the next adventure.  Or to settle down.  Or maybe both.  We don’t know the next step, just in case that isn’t obvious.  But, even I as Sheriff recognize that there is a time and place for planning.  And there is a time and place for doing.  And so.  Let’s do this!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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