Lettuce And Aliens

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Today, we are back on the road. And although we really enjoyed our time in South Carolina, well, it’s time to keep moving.

If I do say so myself, there are times when we are traveling that we wonder…where am I? It’s easy to forget why you’re there. And when you are like Boy Person and trying to jog late at night, and it’s dark as dark can be, you might start to see things. To hear things. To think that perhaps you’re not alone in Wedgefield, South Carolina.

Boy Person was running thru the dark woods and campground and finding it a little unnerving. He thought to himself that if there ever was a place where aliens from outer space would come to meet you, this would be it.

Girl Person was having a situation of her own. She had to take a late shower because she worked late. She also had to take out the trash. She couldn’t just leave it outside because that’s a mistake in the woods. So she gathered up all her courage and took her cell phone with her with her flashlight Just in case. But little did she know because she couldn’t see, that she accidentally texted Boy Person. And well. When he got it, he knew. He just knew. The aliens had taken Girl Person. Or just her phone.

Girl Person had to concentrate on not looking at the prison shower. And as she got back to the RV, Boy Person came running up. Tired from being scared. And they laughed about who or what could be out there. Problem is, it was so dark, they would never know.

I could only assume that if you are in a place called Wedgefield, South Carolina, and you have potential aliens out there, that you figure out what you could give them as a present to leave you alone. Would it be pancakes? Probably not. Would it be cookies? Nah. And I think no because we don’t want to give those things up. Nope. I say if you are in a place called Wedgefield that you give them…lettuce. Wedges of lettuce. Duh.

They say that I don’t think as much as Brickle thinks. But let me tell you. I thought about this. Lettuce wedges with blue cheese dressing, all fancy like would calm down any extra terrestrial activity. And I’m not sure why no one has thought of this before.

That’s the great thing about traveling. You learn about so many places and who lives there and who may try to beam you up.

Now. I know that these aliens in Wedgefield, South Carolina don’t mean any harm. In fact, maybe they want to talk to us about our travels. We can all learn from each other and realize that we are all visitors somewhere. What do we do when we have visitors where we live? Do we put ourselves in their shoes? Do we show the same kindness we would want shown to us? Do we have a lettuce wedge with blue cheese dressing we can share with them?

It’s ok to learn about others who are different from us. We don’t always have to be scared. Do we ever think maybe they are scared of us?

So get out some lettuce today of kindness and speak to someone who may be different from you. It’s refreshing!

Where will we end up today? We have a very long drive.

Stay tuned to see if we make it and get real time updates on our Facebook page.

Deputy Digby Pancake

Desserts, Desert And Falling Off A Cliff.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. It is my duty to write to you today. Did you know…there is no dessert in the desert? I am serious about this. Really serious.


If you have ever tried to spell something as a person, or a dog in fact, you know that apparently, one letter can be the difference between being a very good word. Or a very bad word. And for me, the difference between desert and dessert is tragic. Because I do not know how to spell that great, and when I saw the sign that that was where we were, I was ecstatic! Were we really going to be camping on a dessert? Like what kind of dessert? Do I get to choose? Is there like a menu? Lemon meringue? Nope. Apple pie? Nope. A sugar cookie? Oh, absolutely not. The choices were boggling my mind, so much so that I thought I would ask to order off of the menu. I will have a tower of pancakes please. With extra maple syrup!


Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle didn’t even ask to look at a menu when he saw that sign. He told me that I was mistaken, that our Big Blue Treat Wagon RV would not fit on a lemon meringue pie. Or an apple pie. Or even a sugar cookie. And definitely not on a tower of pancakes. The Sheriff told me that I needed to look up desert in the dictionary, not dessert. And so, I don’t have a dictionary. So I didn’t care to change my order one bit. It wasn’t my fault that persons decided to misspell something. Sheriff Brickle told me that a desert was a place that was hot. Dry. (No maple syrup springs). And sandy. Well, are there pecan sandies out here? I think they are gross and dry and make me want to gag when I compare them to a pancake. But beggars can’t be choosers and well, it was better than a plate of sand which was on the menu as well.


So for everyone out there planning to head to the New Mexico place to get pancakes, you instead will get a plate of sand. I am serious about this. Really serious. And while we are being so serious, Sheriff Brickle’s Friday arrest was surely needed. Perhaps even more than a correction in the dictionary. Girl Person accepted her arrest and thanked the Sheriff and I for the warning and needed reminder before we head to the Grand Canyon. What happened?

You see, Girl Person likes to take our pictures. She likes to take our pictures a lot. And well, when you hike all the time in drug store shoes, you forget that you are really hiking, but instead think you need to pick up a prescription. So when we were hiking on Friday night, Girl Person was doing all of the above. Hiking in drug store shoes. Taking our picture. And yep. Standing on the edge of a cliff that she didn’t even see was there until she was one foot away. There was no sign for a cliff, only desert and unless it had been a marshmallow, she probably wouldn’t have had a very good landing.


Sometimes, we all need reminders. And sometimes, those reminders are dramatic. For Girl Person, she remembered to be more careful. That is was not only her life in the balance, but ours as well. Sometimes, we get overconfident that we know what we are doing, when none of us ever know everything. Not even how to spell dessert. Or desert. Or whatever it is. It was also a reminder how precious every day is. How important it is to remind ourselves we may not be here tomorrow. And to not try to get dessert or pancakes in New Mexico.

So. Our itinerary for this week? Well, we will be in this New Mexico place until we start heading out on Wednesday. We will be headed to an Arizona place where we will not be falling off any cliffs but they should have dessert there. So we have a lot more to see till then and we hope you will stay with us! If you didn’t catch our New Mexico Chicken Jerky Treat Recipe, you can watch the live video here, and then head over to Your Dog’s Diner to get the full recipe.


And most importantly, and what this trip is really about, please watch the latest alien, New Mexico episode of Stop Hounding Me with Desert Paws Animal Rescue in Cochiti, New Mexico. They deserve it.

They also deserve some pancakes, but alas, they are going to have to look elsewhere. They live in the desert. See? I don’t need any dictionary.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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