In Italy, Part Five

Well, a week has officially gone by since I said goodbye to Nate at the airport. I really didn’t think I would make it through the next day without him. Crying and suspense over seeing the house in Italy was just amount too much. Have you ever been so excited for something to work out and something to not work out at the same time? That’s how I felt. So many mixed emotions. And a week later, even with all of the information, I am exited for something to happen yet scared to death.

Today, the engineer went up to the little house with Nate. Nate spent two days clearing enough of the oath for them to walk around the home, examine the outbuildings and officially find out if it was indeed considered a “house”. Able to have water, electric and sewer.

In Italy, property records started being kept in 1930. This home was already there at that time. Both the ruins attached to the house and the house itself was recorded. And one building by it. But the rest of the buildings are not on that record. So we would be allowed to repair the ruins, the house and the one outbuilding. One building he suggested demolishing.

But the result? It is able to be lived in. The engineer stated, “Clean it up and paint and perfecto”. We are not sure we agree with that. Much work needs to be done to be able to make it work for us and for it to be suitable and safe for the dogs. Including making a contraption to get Brickle up and down safe. A place fenced around the home to keep them safe. And more, more, more.

We have talked a lot over the phone, but the six hour time difference is hard. He is very tired. He is sleeping in the Italian school on an air mattress and a pillow he stated he made out of paper towels “which isn’t that bad”.

We still need to talk more. We still have not decided fully. Tomorrow he will be read the entire deed in English by our Italian teacher to make sure we understand everything. And then? Wednesday. He starts his trek back home!! When we can talk and celebrate being together. Are we any closer on being 100% sure? No. But I think when we talk, we will be better able to decide together.

Stay tuned…

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