7 thoughts on “Till Next Week

  1. neddie+sandlin

    i am so so very sorry for your loss, he was a special boy. my heart has broken along with you. i know this loss and pain all too well. run free sweet boy and fly high with the furangels at the rainbow bridge. God bless and be with you both and brickle.. praying always.

  2. Michele Alexander

    Thank you for sharing Digby with us. He’s a shining example of how to live a full life. I have learned so much from him.

  3. Susan Beth Espinoza

    My heart breaks for the three of you I know the pain so well. I adored DIGBY so much you gave him the time of his life you have to realize that what a lucky guy to travel all the time did and saw wonderful things in his life and he will be free of pain and not feeling well now as he crosses to RAINBOW BRIDGE and becomes whole again,and when it’s time he will be waiting for you take care,cry a lot which you have to do and give all your love to
    MR. Handsome Brickle he will need it so much also much love and blessings to all of you💜

  4. Patty Backer

    I am so sorry for your earthlyoss of Digby. He is waiting for you across the Rainbow Bridge. You loved him with your whole heart and he gave you back that love. Cherish your memories and thank you for sharing him with us. Give Brickle hugs and hugs to you both also. Much love.

  5. Christine S

    My heart breaks hearing about Digby today. So smart and amazing he warmed my heart with Brickle everyday. I’m feel your loss with you all, sending hugs and do take very good care as that is what Digby would want. Hugs to you all, extra kisses to Brickle. Rachel and Boy person – big love to you all, and please take time for you.

  6. DS

    I am so sorry and my heart breaks for and with you. What a sweet boy and you all gave him an Awesome life! Take your time to heal. Your online family will be here to support you.

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