Finding Sunshiney In The Dark

This is Digby Pancake.  What do you search for each day?  I like to find something to look forward to.  Even beyond mealtime, there is always something to wait for.  Something to keep you going.  Even when your mood is dark. Sometimes, the darkest places end up leading us to the brightest.


We love this campground that we are staying at.

It is especially nice during the summertime when we need shade.

But in the wintertime, we need more sunshiney.  And it is hard to find it through all of the trees. We have to search for it. We have to move to it. It doesn’t come to us.

So is it not worth looking for the sunshiney when it is dark? It can be easy to not move. To stay where you are. It may surprise but many choose not to move. Not to travel. Not to find the sunshiney they are missing.

Because we are all tired. Especially when it is dark. But what happens when we actively search for that sunshiney?

What happens when we push ourselves to move and to find what we need? We get warmer automatically.

Because we are moving beyond our comfort zone.

If you feel like you are in the dark lately, you are not alone. It is easy not to move towards what we need. Because it is hard. But make the effort today.  Look forward to what you may find.  Find that sunshiney.

-Digby Pancake

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