This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  The day is finally here.  We start again to Oregon, state #47.  I guess Washington wanted us to stay two more days, or we are lazy…one or the other.


When your plans get changed, it takes a little adjustment. Persons have things on their minds every day and how they think that their day should go.  They run everywhere, they shuffle papers around from a desk to a person to another desk and then stamp something and then shuffle it again like it’s all a big deal or something. “Approved with conditions” it says.  I will tell you my conditions. More pancakes.  I don’t understand why they just don’t pee on it and call it a day.  It literally.  Makes.  No.  Sense.


Persons like to think that they are very important.  They think that what they do is important, and that the world would just not be able to function without them.  And I suppose I don’t understand that either.  I know I am a dog, but I also know a little more about realizing that I am just a small part in the world. And not only that.  But I realize the things around me are important too.  Just like Mr. Giant Spruce Tree we met in the woods here in Cosmopolis, Washington.

As we were taking a walk through the woods, we saw him.  A tree over 900 years old.  A tree that the campground told us had survived loggers.  A tree that was here long before you and I.  Even before Sheriff Brickle.  I was shocked too.

And as the persons gasped at its beauty and its majesty, we heard it.  We heard it loud and clear.  This tree was important.  We could have passed right by it on our way to that Oregon place.  If we wouldn’t have broke down, we would have never met it.  And we knew that we had to stop and thank it.  This tree mattered.  And it was meant to be appreciated, just like so many other things in our world that we were not noticing either.

If we think that the forests, the trees, the oceans and the animals are not more important than a meeting or an agenda, what does that say about us?  How many amazing things are you missing to make a deadline?  Those papers that you keep shuffling around..where did they come from?


Are we contributing to the beauty in our world by noticing it, or are we destroying it?  We can only take so much and not give back.  The things that matter should mean something to us because it means our health, and our happiness.  Take a moment.  What is around you?  Is a Mr. Spruce Tree talking to you too?

It is true.  Wonderful things are out there, just waiting for us to find them.  But if we never stop shuffling papers, how will we see them?  Take a moment today, take a deep breath, make some pancakes for me, and look around.  Find some peace. You deserve it. It is waiting for you.


We start our journey again to that Oregon place today. We are having a hard time finding a campsite…so let’s see where we land today!  Are you with us?  We may be a little slower on this part in the trip.

But we hope that you will see appreciation is our focus now. In a way, we don’t want this trip to be over.

-Deputy Digby Pancake


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4 thoughts on “Finders.

  1. Bean Murphy

    I don’t want to speak for ALL of your fans but I for one am extremely grateful that you have taken us along for the ride.
    So many beautiful places that , if not for you, I would have never seen.
    So many wonderful Rescues you’ve shared with us and so many wonderful stories.
    Sure there were some “bumps in the road” but really isn’t that what life is all about?
    There are times when life isn’t easy BUT it’s ALWAYS an adventure.
    Thank you for taking us on yours.🐾😍🐾

  2. Jacqueline

    Aaannnndddd…..cue the tears!!! Oh precious Digby, so true and such a beautiful blog!!! Thank you, amazing. And we don’t want your trip to be over either!!! Much love, thank you for making us all stop and appreciate, be safe today and always, and if the BBTW is acting up, or you just don’t feel like it, don’t go until you want to. Love you all!!!! xoxoxoxox <3 <3

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