Sail On Sailor.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Today is the day.  It is time for us to sail on.  We are leaving you, Washington.

I sailed an ocean, unsettled ocean
Through restful waters and deep commotion
Often frightened, unenlightened
Sail on, sail on sailor

It is hard to leave today because we have felt so welcome here.  It is hard to leave because well, we just don’t want to.  Our hearts were definitely stolen by the water.


Our hearts were stolen by the people and animal rescuers.

WAG, Sequim, Washington

For over a year, we have traveled the lonely highways of America.  We have constantly been moving, and doing, and arresting, and when we got here to Sequim, Washington, we were so tired that we could not move.  And we didn’t want to.  So I arrested everyone and we parked it.  For over a week and a half.

I wrest the waters, fight Neptune’s waters
Sail through the sorrows of life’s marauders
Unrepenting, often empty
Sail on, sail on sailor


Our fans are so supportive, and no one complained we were taking our time.  We were slower than Deputy Digby Pancake’s drool falling to the floor when Girl Person is making pancakes.

Always needing, even bleeding
Never feeding all my feelings

But we know that it is time to move on to Oregon, because we have to visit rescue #47.  We are in the homestretch.  We can feel it. We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Will we ever return to Washington? We don’t know.  Everyone always asks us if any place has felt like home.  And up until now, we had to say no.  Every place we have visited certainly has something great about it.  But no place felt like home.  Can we see ourselves here in the future?  We don’t know yet.  Why?  I knew you were going to ask that because I am the Sheriff and I know everything.  Let me shed some light on this.


The truth is, we have been changed all along the way of this trip.  What we thought we wanted or needed at the beginning has changed.  And we don’t know what else this adventure has in store. It’s not over yet.  We still have two more states.  And we are going to keep our hearts open.  Although a little bit of our hearts has been taken by Washington.  It’s time.  It’s time to sail on, because that is what sailors do.

We thank Washington for reminding us that life can be enjoyed at a slower pace.


And we thank Washington for reminding us that the ocean, the forest and the earth talk to us. It’s up to us to listen, learn and take it all in.  What are you missing today that you aren’t paying attention to?


We know our forecast today will be calling for choppy seas, because I will admit it. There will be a few tears shed.

I work the seaways, the gale-swept seaways
Past shipwrecked daughters of wicked waters
Uninspired, drenched and tired
Wail on, wail on, sailor

But on we sail to Oregon.  We won’t be driving a long day today because we want to take it slow.  So we will let you know where we end up!  Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates today.

Stay tuned for our video and article on Sunday with WAG, Welfare For Animals Guild.  You won’t want to miss it because Boy Person got just a little wet!

Bentley, Available For Adoption From WAG, Sequim, Washington

So for now Washington, we will say goodbye.  We are sad, but happy that we got to spend what time we could here.  Just like time with the ones we love, there is never enough of it.  So take what makes you happy today and recognize it!  Find it!  Don’t miss it.  You may have to say goodbye to it tomorrow.

Sail on, sail on sailor

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Thank you for your continued support of our trip and rescue mission! Please don’t miss purchasing a limited edition shirt! We would really love to reach our goal this time!


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    Hope you’ll consider visiting Monterey Peninsula in California. Beautiful and cool weather with dog beaches.

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