Lasagna On Your Shoes

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Here we are, in beautiful Colorado! Or as they say, “Colorful Colorado”. With my brindle coat, I should fit right in!

Good news is that we don’t have to drive this Big Blue Treat Wagon again until Friday! So we get to plant ourselves here for a few days. That means lots more exploring and fun, and that’s fine by us!

So yesterday, we were having dinner. Oh, dinner. The time when I pretend that I don’t like whatever Girl Person has cooked. The time when I randomly spit out whole mouthfuls of food on the ground to make my point. The time when I spit lasagna all over Girl Person’s shoes.

Do I like lasagna? Perhaps. Perhaps as much as I like anything I suppose. Some days I do like steak and sometimes I do like chicken. But then other days I don’t like steak and I don’t like chicken. Some days I do like peanut butter cookies, but if someone gives me one, I do spit it out. Because I am the Sheriff and I do what I do.

So when I spit out the lasagna on Girl Person’s shoes, she was not happy. She asked me why I make her life so difficult. She asked me why I had to do that and cause the other campers to look at us in horror. It’s not enough that she has to hand feed me, but then when I spit it out, well, I guess she wants to arrest me. Problem is, I do the arresting around here. And I don’t feel like arresting myself for this. Why? Lasagna should not be lukewarm or have bits of basil in it when I don’t like basil. For that day at least.

Girl Person says she can’t win some days, but that is what Deputy Digby is for in my opinion. Digby eats anything whether it is lukewarm or not, whether it is steak or chicken, or lasagna on Girl Person’s shoes. At least she didn’t have to wash them.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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