Thursday. Repeat. Pie.




This is Deputy Digby Pancake. So. It’s Thursday. Yet another day to have a great day as I always say. Another day to eat pancakes. Another day to roll in something stinky, stanky or smelly. Thursday. A great day. Also, I am in Michigan, so today I eat cherry pie.  Just saying. I also rip off all the couch covers because they are unsightly. I’m on a roll.  In something stinky.

Yesterday, the persons visited our Michigan, paw-picked animal shelter, the Cherryland Humane Society in Traverse City. We will be telling you more about them later, but let’s just say that these persons are some of the nicest persons the persons have ever met…as far as persons. It’s Thursday. I like to repeat myself, and as I said earlier eat pancakes, roll in something stinky, stanky, or smelly. Again, I like to repeat myself. Bahaha!

They met a sweet girl named Chloe and also Bear who was in our video. Oh, are they heart breakers and paw shakers. We hope they find a home and soon. We wish we had room in our Big Blue Treat Wagon for them. But we know some of our fans will pull through. Especially after they see our story and video coming up in the next few days! Yeah!

Today, we are packing up and headed to another part of this Michigan place in the U.P. Yeah, I didn’t know what you U.P. was either. I thought people were just telling me to pee and I was doing what they said. But no, it is what the people here call the Upper Peninsula. Somewhere called Munising. We will be there until Monday when we head to a Wisconsin place. I hear they have cheese, so I am there. It is stinky, stanky and smelly. Repeat.

Girl Person says I am wearing her out by pulling on the leash so much lately that I am about to break her arms, Brickle can’t get me to stop, no one can. Little do they know, but I am trying to pull them to each state by myself so I don’t have to ride in that Big Blue Treat Wagon for hours on end. I like when it is stopped, but not moving. Would you want your whole dog bed moving if it were you in this thing? I think not. But. It’s Thursday so I wont complain on this great day. Because it’s Thursday. Repeat!

So will you join us on another ride today? We have about 4 hours of driving time again. The persons are wore out, but it’s going to be a great day, because it is Thursday. Did I also mention I am eating Michigan cherry pie?  I may have to eat another because I am on repeat.  Just. Saying.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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  1. Chris

    You need halters where the leash attaches to a ring on your chests, silly doggies. If you decide to pull GP … the leash will turn you sideways and you will naturally turn and look at back at her.

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