Welcome To Pennsylvania!


IMG_3936.JPGThis is Sheriff Peanut Brickle, and I want to be the first to welcome you to this Pennsylvania place! It doesn’t take me long to figure out if I like something or not, and if I want to arrest it or not. Pennsylvania? So far, you are definitely not arrested. We are really impressed. Ok, wait a minute. Sometimes a Sheriff forgets infractions. I almost forgot about your roads!! Ok, you do have a warning.

What. In. The. World. Is. With. Your. Roads? Seriously though. Our eggs were scrambled in the fridge when we got to camp, if Digby would have had pants on, they definitely would have fallen off from all the shaking, and he needs to wear pants, this is a strong hint on that.  Cover yourself man!


The drive to the Pennsylvania place was interesting. Lots of farms and pretty scenery because I saw myself in the mirror, and the persons packed plenty of snacks this time.  We are starting to learn how to road trip the right way!  The only thing I would say I had to complain about was the stench of the persons not showering that morning and Digby’s normal pantless stench.  Again, cover yourself, man!  Why didn’t the persons take a shower before we left?  Let’s see.  I had to arrest the campground showers before we left that New York place. Which made the roads in Pennsylvania only receive a warning because it made this look pale in comparison like Digby’s pantless self.

Let me summarize the camp shower situation in New York.

  1.  Sign on sink to not put “dog droppings” in the trash.  Really y’all?
  2.  One shower for boys. One for girls.  For the whole camp.  Really y’all?  Ok, when I am mad my southern accent comes out.  Deal.
  3.  Persons in the above mentioned showers that drag an extension cord in the shower to charge their phones while in the shower.
  4. Persons in the showers with the above mentioned extension cord eating their lunch in said shower in not mentioned yet gross bathroom minus dog droppings which would have probably made it smell better.
  5.  Do I need to say more? Stopping mysel

The persons decided not showering would probably be the right way to go in this situation.  What is the point of this New York arrest before we even start our Pennsylvania exploring? I had to get it out of my system because we never want to speak of it again or never.  Or ever. Sometimes you have to move on.  And we did.  So Pennsylvania?  Again, you are on warning for your roads, but we are ready to have a great, great time!  Anyone know where I can buy Digby some pants?  Come on now…get in the mood for Pennsylvania!!! Sing with me! Or…You.  Are.  Arrested.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle


4 thoughts on “Welcome To Pennsylvania!

  1. Welcome to beautiful Pa 🙂 yes our roads need a huge warning…lol..but the beautiful views and wonderful people make up for them 🙂 Have fun and all of you 2 legged and 4 legged paw-some folks stay safe <3

  2. Carol Peterson

    I live in Pennsylvania, Sheriff Brickle, and I want to welcome your handsome self, Deputy Digby, Girl and Boy Persons to scenic Pennsylvania! I don’t know what part of Pennsylvania you are currently visiting right now, but I hope that you will visit Bucks County, Pennsylvania, as I’d love to meet “y’all”!

  3. Brenda MacDonald

    I’ve been on those Pennsylvania roads, and you are not kidding Sheriff!!! If you are in Pennsylvania, does that mean you are coming to Ohio next??

  4. Maybe Persons should get some packs of wet wipes for those times showering is not possible for whatever arrestible reason– baby unscented ones should also be ok for stinky dogs(should one happen by)

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