Thanks For The Fried Chicken, Rhode Island


This is Deputy Digby Pancake. And I am loving Rhode Island so far because of one thing. Did you know that fried chicken grows on the side of cliffs there? I didn’t either! And we were pleasantly surprised!

Sometimes, when you travel, you think you know if you will like a place or not. You look up all kinds of things on the internet thing and make an opinion before you even get there. If you are like Sheriff Brickle, you already know if you are going to arrest everyone there or not. Wish is usually yes. Everyone. Is. Arrested. But after visiting New Port, Rhode Island yesterday, I decided that I like this Rhode Island place. I like it very much.

We walked a very long walk behind all kinds of big houses that people who own a lot of pancakes and peanut butter cookies live in. Guess because we are dogs, we weren’t allowed to go inside, and Girl Person says if me and Brickle aren’t welcome, she ain’t going either.

So we walked and looked at the ocean a long time and the houses with many pancakes and cookies, and it was making me hungry. Very hungry. So Girl Person said let’s go look at the ocean a little bit closer and there it was. Fried chicken, lots of fried chicken growing out of the rocks. Have you ever heard of such a thing? The bucket was even there and a grocery store receipt, and that made no sense to me. The persons said that someone threw their trash everywhere. I saw no trash! I saw fried chicken and I was going to get it! Forget about fishing, I am catching fried chicken right here!

So I snatched it up and Brickle did too and that is when the persons tried to get it out of our mouths and that made me try to eat it even faster. Which made the persons upset and well, too late. I ate about three pieces in three gulps and the persons were not happy. Sheriff Brickle takes forever to eat, so he wasn’t able to consume as much as me. His loss. All of this made Girl Person start laughing and Boy Person told me that was my dinner and hoped I didn’t get sick. Listen, I have ate worse things than fried chicken growing out of the sides of cliffs in Rhode Island. The joke is on the people living it up in their mansions full of pancakes and cookies. I found fried chicken, baby.

-Deputy Digby Pancake


Welcome To Rhode Island!


This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Welcome to Rhode Island!

Our drive yesterday wasn’t too long. And it was a good thing, because we all got sick in the morning. Boy Person almost passed out, and then Girl Person got worried and tried to help him and almost had to call the doctor person, although she would’t have known where to find one where we were! We were scared, and Boy Person had to lay on the floor for a few hours until he was able to move. Right when he was feeling a little better, Girl Person decided to eat some nuts and gave us a couple too. That’s when she got doubled over in pain, and there we went again. Brickle and I must have iron stomachs, because we didn’t get too sick. Someone had to take care of the persons and it was us. Within a few hours, we were able to pull ourselves together, and the persons decided that there was probably something wrong with the nuts they ate. They threw them away and they will not be eating anything like that for quite a while I suppose.

To make us all feel better, we decided to stop at a dairy on the way to Rhode Island before we got out of Connecticut. It had cows and lots of ice cream I must say! Brickle and I got one to share, and the persons decided that they needed some to keep up their strength. Before this trip, Girl Person didn’t like ice cream. She thought it was too cold. But now, she is starting to like it when we stop at the dairies. And she says that her Pappy used to have cows when she was little and it makes her feel a little like home. Well, our home now is the Big Blue Treat Wagon wherever it is parked!

We are looking forward to starting our week tomorrow in Rhode Island. Let’s see what we can find to do. Girl Person says that it is a small state, but a beautiful one. We go to our rescue on Thursday and will keep you up to date on that. For now, sit back, relax, and enjoy your time with us in Rhode Island. I still haven’t figured out if this is an island or not yet by the way.

-Deputy Digby Pancake