Put On Your Pants


This is Deputy Digby Pancake today. Well. Girl Person says that today, she has to put on her big girl pants. Yes, she said that. Because…we are headed to New York City for the day, and well, she is a bit nervous about it!

Why are we going to New York City for the day? Well, we are in a part of New Jersey on this trip that is about an hour and a half away. When we are actually in the state of New York, we will be too far to go. And our friends at BarkBox wanted to see us. So we definitely can’t turn down the offer!!

But even when something is super exciting, you can be super nervous about it. Girl Person says she has lost a lot of weight on this trip so far and so all of her pants are big girl pants to her now. Sheriff Brickle doesn’t know what is in store for him today! That is a fact. There are going to be so many people to arrest that he will not know what to do.

Ok. Why is Girl Person so nervous besides just being an overprotective dog parent? Well, she says that we are not city kinda folk. She says that although she loves Manhattan, she is worried that we will be scared. She says that she is nervous we will run away. She is nervous we will try to get on a subway or a bus or something or even an eleavator. Boy Person told her that is not like we are going to live in New York City forever and maybe she should just have a glass or bottle or five of wine. I say that maybe some pizza I hear about there would make us all feel better. Or even, let’s say pancakes. Are the pancakes good there? What about the peanut butter cookies?

So, we are going to start our day by going to Central Park and then we get to go visit our friends at the BarkBox office place! I am ready! Are you ready? Put on some pants! Girl Person says that sometimes, the best memories come from getting out of your comfort zone. Let’s do this!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

So…did you know our NEW treats just came out in BarkBox?


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