Welcome To New Jersey!


This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Welcome To New Jersey!

We had a long ride from Delaware to New Jersey, but actually, it was so worth it! We had no idea that parts of New Jersey were so different from each other! We are definitely in the country. And we love it.

You know that Sheriff Brickle and I are definitely not city dogs! But I have never met a tiny horse. Or sheep. Or many of the animals that are here at our campground. Brickle just wants to sit and talk to them all day. And I thought I did too until the donkey tried to kick me through the fence. Pick on someone your own size donkey! Yes, I know I smell pretty much as bad as you, but that is no reason to kick me!

I asked Sheriff Brickle what he wanted to talk to these animals all day about. He said he was just trying to find something to arrest them for. I have news for you Sheriff. Those geese that are here mean business, and if you try to arrest them, I will not be able to provide back up…because I will be backing up.

Trying to get used to a new place every week is a challenge. But wow, how fun is this! I tell you what else is fun. When I tried to climb under and through the dog park fence yesterday. And Boy Person fell down trying to catch me. He asked me where I wanted to go so bad. No clue, but somewhere. Girl Person said we ARE going somewhere every darn day. Well, well. Sheriff Brickle then declared that I was arrested. Maybe I am jealous he keeps talking to tiny horses. Wouldn’t any be?

We are off to our New Jersey picked rescue today! We will bring you pictures later!!

Have a great day everyone!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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