Less Than A Week Away!


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle and I have news.  Our trip…our Adventure Of A Lifetime is coming up fast.  May 2nd is sneaking up on us like when Deputy Digby pees on my head accidentally.  And we are already tired!  Can someone please, please take care of packing my peanut butter cookies and Digby’s pancakes? This is exhausting.

As you know, we had our first ride in the RV, AKA the Big Blue Treat Wagon, when we rode to the NBC studios in Tampa, Florida to film our segment for Daytime NBC!  The show is on today at 10 a.m., but don’t worry, if you can’t watch it or can’t find it on your TV, we will share on our Facebook page tonight! Don’t despair.  It’s not like you lost a cookie or something.  Speaking of which, I think Digby stole one of mine.

When you get on TV sometimes, and I am a star now so I know this, sometimes you forget to say stuff.  Girl Person is being all hard on herself because she forgot to mention that when we are visiting the rescues in all 48 states, we will be delivering free treats to them.  But Boy Person said that is not important and that what is important is that we are trying to make a difference.  He also said that it was important that Digby did not go to the bathroom on air like Girl Person thought he was about to do.  Yes, I would say that was important.  Digby!

Anyway, we want to thank all of you for your kind words and emails and also messages.  Please bear with us this week as we are packing and getting ready to go.  It may take us a little longer than usual to respond.  We appreciate your patience! It’s not like I am baking cookies over here or something.

As our time here in this Florida place is drawing to a close, we will be devoting the next two days on the blog to highlight what we love here.  And we will give you an inside glimpse on what we left behind to go on this trip.  It’s not easy for us to do.  But we hope that this coming year, starting on May 2nd will make a difference.  And it will with your support!

May 2nd…48 states, 48 rescues in one year!  Let’s do this!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle


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The Stand Off


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. First things first on my order of business.  Thank you to everyone for your encouragement yesterday as we had our first television taping in Tampa, Florida on Daytime NBC!  We were actually pretty nervous.  Well, the persons were to be honest, and a Sheriff is always honest.

We also had our first ride in the RV and Boy Person did magnificent.  Excellent job.  Excellent work.  Deputy Digby Pancake and I were not too thrilled with all the loud noises, and it took a bit of adjustment to get used to.  Who puts their house on wheels and drives it around?  Girl Person had a bit of seasickness come over her which was weird because we were not in a boat!  I guess it will take us a few weeks once we are on the road to be ok with all of this.  And we are ok with that.

But anyway, back to our TV taping.  Did you know what when you are a star on TV that you do a lot of waiting? And more waiting? And more waiting?  We waited for a long time, but we had fun with it and peed on everything we could outside of the TV studio.  We drove our seasick houseboat on wheels to the studio so it could be on TV too.  We were out there a bit long waiting on the host persons to come outside and interview us.  They put microphones on the persons but they didn’t have enough for me and Deputy Digby, so I was already irritated with that fact.  Then, as I was trying to get over the lack of a mic, guess who pulled up?  A security guard.  A security guard who was not the police I should add.  And I will add it.  He was messing with the wrong dog.

He told Boy Person that we shouldn’t be parked outside the studio, that it was wrong and he was going to call the police.  Hello?  I may not have a microphone.  I may not have my handcuffs on me at this moment, but there is a Sheriff in this town. And it’s me.

Girl Person walked me over to the security guard person with a mustache not even half the growth of mine and told him that he could go secure somebody else.  That this situation was under control.  Right about that time, three sales person dudes walked by in suits and smiles and I just got irritated at all this stuff and the lack of coldness in my water bottles and I growled at everyone.  Everyone! What does a Sheriff have to do around here to get a little respect? It was a stand off.  And I arrested everyone.

Right about that time, the TV taping finally started in the RV.  We will show it to you when it airs tomorrow.  But let’s just say, by the time all these people came in our RV to talk about our trip, Digby and I were done.  He tried to pull away from the camera and was trying to run away from the camera monster and I was having none of it.  So we will see how it all turns out!

Thanks everyone! Have a great day and do not get arrested.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle