New Travels Part Three

This is Girl Person. Back again on the dog blog on day three. And if you are still reading, again, thank you. Peanut Butter Brickle however would like me to take this moment to let you know he is still handsome and being a Sheriff and not letting go of his duties. Digby Pancake would like me to tell you he needs pancakes. More pancakes. Ok, ok.
So, as I was saying yesterday, to make the decision of moving again after being back in Florida for over 3 years was weighing on our hearts and minds. As you can see in the picture above with my mom, our family supported our business, our love of everything dog and of course us. We had a rough time starting a new business for three years, and they were always there to help out. With their help and support, and the fans too, the business was doing wonderful.
So telling them our final decision was excruciating. Plain and simple, they wanted what was best for us, but wanted us to stay. If I typed all of the emotions and conversations we had, it would take weeks and I know you want to hear from Brickle and Digby again one day! But let’s just say it was hard to put that for sale sign up and yes, we put it up.

So there it was. No turning back now. The sign was up and we had a plan for our business to thrive, and we waited. We thought that we had plenty of time to adjust to our decision. Although it was a happy one for us, in many, many ways, it was scary as any change is. After losing my Granny in December, my heart was heavy there with memories. It was hard looking at her house through the orange grove every day. I felt like it was time to move on with the happy memories I had which would follow us everywhere and anywhere we went. But we had to wait till the house sold to move, and so I didn’t want to tell our fans…yet. It was hard keeping it from you. But battling your own emotions and having to explain it to others is sometimes too much. It took me awhile to come to grips with the decision I had made. I was proud of myself in one way, and ashamed of myself in others. Making yourself happy while making others unhappy is not fun.
One thing was for sure. Our furkids and featherkids were the most important equation in this move. We had to have a plan for the chickens immediately. We knew how it was to move with two dogs…but chickens? Would they want to go? Would it be safe? Where would they be happy? What would we do? All of this was in preparation for the house being sold which we thought would take awhile.
We. Were. Wrong.
-To Be Continued
-Girl Person

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