Tired Dog Rescue, Gulfport, Mississippi

When we picked Tired Dog Rescue for our #35 rescue visit on our Adventure Of A Lifetime in the state of Mississippi, there was a reason. There were actually many reasons…the deserving animals on their Facebook page. We knew that this rescue was different because the ones that they rescue are different as well.


Tired Dog Rescue is a foster based rescue operating out of Gulfport, Mississippi. We asked  Terry Casillas, Executive Director, why she founded and named this rescue Tired Dog Rescue.


Terry told us that so many dogs are tired of being abused. They are tired of being neglected. They are just tired. They may arrive to TDR tired, but they certainly leave the rescue refreshed, loved and cherished. Many of the “after” pictures you will see in this article are what Terry says motivates her to keep going when she is having a horrible rescue day.  It motivates us too!


We also felt refreshed after our visit with Terry and Nancy East, one of their priceless and selfless volunteers who serves as their adoption coordinator.

Meeting At Buccaneer State Park

We decided to film the latest episode of “Stop Hounding Me” at a beautiful Mississippi state park with two of their adoptables, Snow White and Duncan.

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When we visit a rescue or shelter on this Adventure Of A Lifetime, we like to hear what made these rescuers start on the path to making a difference. Terry’s story was a bit different as told on their website from an interview with Fidose Of Reality.


“I had no idea about rescue, puppy-mills, or backyard breeders. That didn’t come until later when we bought (yes bought) Stanley. Stanley was the last cocker in a litter. He stole my husband’s heart and he had to have him. In the quest for information on cockers we went online. Here we discovered the rescue threads,” she says. “Once we started to read the rescue threads and became more informed on what really goes on with puppy-mills and dog stores, we felt we had to become part of the solution. We started with just transport for other rescues, but as we did and learned more we became more involved. Now I pull, groom, train, do home visits, adoptions, and photograph the dogs. Now working with dogs is a lifetime dream.”


Terry definitely is a different kind of rescuer.  Terry didn’t have her first dog until she was in her 20’s and when she started TDR, she held down a demanding full-time job.  But with the help of her husband and her own dedication, she was able to finally turn this into her sole, full-time job.  She explained that she no longer cared about driving a fancy car, having new things, and that she just gave up having nice furniture after the third set.  We know how that is and so many other dog parents and rescuers do as well! She said that often times, they have many, many dogs in their own home caring for them day and night.  There are simply not enough homes or fosters for all of the “tired dogs” out there. But for the fortunate ones like Snow White who have been saved by Tired Dog Rescue, they are no longer tired.

Snow White

As we said, Tired Dog Rescue’s Facebook page touched our hearts immediately.  The first dog that caught our eye and inspired us to contact Terry right away was Duncan as seen on the video.

duncan available.jpg

Not many people, shelters or even rescues would probably have made an effort with this beautiful boy.  Why?  Duncan was found living outside with seven other dogs in horrible conditions which has made him very nervous.  It took Terry and her volunteers a long time to even catch him when they arrived where he was kept. He is not good around men.  He is not good around children.  And he needs to be in a female only home.  Duncan is not a playful dog and is timid around other dominant dogs, preferring to be the only furkid in the house.  Is Duncan the perfect dog for everyone?  Absolutely not.  But that is what makes him special to Terry and her rescue.


She realizes that some dogs may have problems for the rest of their lives stemming from many different reasons. But is this an excuse to give up on them?  To euthanize them?  Is there not a perfect home out there for Duncan who will realize his limitations, embrace them, and give him a chance at “his” happiness?  She knows and is confident that there is.  And we are too.

Not every dog will fit into everyone’s idea of what a perfect dog is.  Just like people, dogs have their own personalities, likes and dislikes.  They also have disabilities like us whether that be mental or physical.  However, this is no excuse to throw them away.  Tired Dog Rescue embraces the different, the challenges, the hard to place dogs.

Nancy and Snow White

Why?  They are the most “tired”.  Terry and her husband can often be found visiting shelters to save the most “tired” dogs.  They are also the only rescue in this area of Mississippi that will accept strays.  Their success varies year by year, but placing hundreds of dogs a year in forever homes is what they do with the help of their valued volunteers and fosters through unique events and fundraisers. As you can imagine however, it takes an extreme amount of funds to do what they do and oftentimes, thousands of dollars are spent on one dog, depending on the situation.  They could definitely use our help by way of donations.

event 1.jpg

Many times they have hospice cases where there is not a hope that the dog will recover.  TDR keeps them comfortable in a loving, stable environment until the time comes to say goodbye.  But dogs are not the only ones this rescue helps.  They have helped countless people in their own hospice situations to find peace of mind for the time when they have to leave their dogs.  This we feel shows just how wonderful Tired Dog Rescue is.


Animal rescue in many of the areas on our country is overwhelming. There are simply too many abused, neglected and discarded animals and not enough people trying to help. Oftentimes, the areas these rescues serve are vast. Obviously, volunteers are extremely necessary as well in order to keep going. Tired Dog Rescue is in need of more volunteers and more fosters and adopters in order to save more lives. If you are in the Mississippi, can you help Tired Dog Rescue with volunteering, fostering, attending events, errands or home visits or even adopting?


If you are not in the Mississippi area, can you donate funds or find an item to buy on their online shop?  We want Tired Dog Rescue to continue to do what they do for the animals that are so tired and so desperately need them.


The animal rescue world also needs them to continue as an example for others around the country.  As they show, there is a place for every dog that is tired.  There is a place for healing, refreshment and love in the right home.


Being old or sick, whether that be physically or even mentally does not have to be a death sentence.  It isn’t that way for people, and it shouldn’t be that way for our furkids. Tired Dog Rescue never gives up on the ones in their care like Nadia mentioned in our video.


Thank you Tired Dog Rescue and the friendly state of Mississippi for being so welcoming and giving us a wonderful week in the #35 state on our Adventure Of A Lifetime.

We will never forget your selfless efforts when it comes to the animals in your wonderful state of Mississippi.

As we drove around this beautiful Gulf Coast, we noticed all of the “Hurricane Katrina Trees”.  Trees like the one here that sheltered two persons and their dog from certain death as they were caught in the storm.


Like this tree, Tired Dog Rescue provides refuge, comfort and safety to the animals in this area.  We thank them for that.

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Tired Dog Rescue is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non profit organization

Tired Dog Rescue
P.O. Box 10751
Gulfport, MS 39505


Author: Nate Johnson, Co-Owner, 2 Traveling Dogs

2 Traveling Dogs is a daily dog blog written thru the eyes of Brickle and Digby.  Nate and his wife Rachael dedicate their lives to the fun side of animal rescue.  Join a million other Facebook fans that “Make Rescue The Breed Of Choice”!

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  2. Lisa Lee

    I first met this amazing group when looking to adopt-from the beginning, I was very impressed with the procedures & protocols that Terry sets for potential foster and permanent homes. After finding a perfect match, we were approved to adopt & Breez became a wonderful addition to our family! I can’t say enough good about TDR, this team deserves such recognition for the many furbabies that they save. Rescue on, TDR!!!!!

  3. Stephanie Pruitt

    Thank you for the amazing article and video of Tired Dog Rescue. This is the reason I love and support Terry Casillas and her rescue. Hoping this exposure will encourage others to volunteer and help TDR continue their fight.

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