The Tail Of Dozer The HelpFULL Donkey

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Once upon a time there was a donkey named Dozer.  Dozer was a very small donkey.  He didn’t mind that he was small.  No, not at all.  Dozer knew that he could make up for his small size with a big attitude and he was very, very good at attitude. Yes, he most certainly was.


He could plow his way thru any day with his attitude. That’s how he got his name. And he was very helpfull. So helpful that he spelled helpful with two ll’s. That’s what Dozer wanted to do. So helpFULL.


Dozer liked how he spent his days on the farm with his mom and other friends. There was always a job for Dozer to do. Dozer liked having a job at his farm.  It made him feel good and helpfull and important.  And everyone likes to feel important.


But one day, Dozer the Donkey heard that he had to leave his farm home.  A very nice Donkey Lady was coming to pick him up.  You see, this very nice Donkey Lady needed some donkeys. Dozer didn’t know that donkeys were needed.  But he liked the thought of it.  He worried about his mom though.  What would happen to her? When the very nice Donkey Lady came to pick Dozer up, he was ready.  It doesn’t take long for a donkey to pack a suitcase.


Dozer needed just a few things.  He needed his big attitude, which he could carry.  And he needed his mom. He was going to take his mom.


Dozer and his mom and even his other farm donkey friends got to their new farm. They all went together with their very light suitcases. They liked it at the new farm right away. There were plenty of things to do on the farm. But Dozer didn’t have a job yet. And he didn’t know where he was to clock in.


He kept wondering why the very nice Donkey Lady needed donkeys.  Because not everyone needs a donkey.  At least, everyone doesn’t know that they need a donkey.  What was his job to be?


Dozer saw two dogs walk by every day along the fence named Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle and Deputy Digby Pancake.


They weren’t much for talking, only barking, and he didn’t know how to speak bark.  But he knew they had a job.  And he wished that he did too.  He felt like no one was ever going to tell him just what he should do.  But Dozer knew that he could figure it out himself.  And he would. He most certainly would.


One day, Brickle and Digby walked by Dozer’s farm.  There he was, kicking a plastic water bottle.


You see, Dozer thought maybe, just maybe, it could be his job to recycle.  But no.  No. Donkeys can eat a lot of things, and Dozer tried, but that was not it.

The next day, Dozer found a cup.  Oh, maybe his job was to serve up mud in a cup like all the persons wanted to drink in the mornings.  He filled up the cup with mud. Over and over again.  But Dozer’s mom said that persons like to drink their mud in a cup.  Not pour it out.  He wasn’t so good at that job.


Brickle and Digby started to look forward to seeing Dozer every day.  They watched him try to figure out how to rake leaves. He thought maybe his job was to prevent forest fires. That was sort of helpful but not helpful enough to use two ll’s.


Dozer liked showing off all of his helpfull qualities, but he still needed a job.


Every good donkey needs a job.  And Dozer was most certainly a very good donkey.  Even Brickle and Digby had jobs. What was his to be? He asked all his donkey friends.  And they didn’t know either. They were not helpful with two ll’s.


One day, when Dozer was being Dozer and helpFULL with two ll’s and taking out the trash, the very nice Donkey Lady told him that he was going to have a new job soon.


You see, Dozer was going to be a therapy donkey! Dozer did not know what this was, but he was very excited about it.  Because even though he was small in size, he had a very big attitude.  And this was really big. The Donkey Lady told him his job was going to be the best one ever.  His job was going to be helping others feel better.


Brickle and Digby were so happy for Dozer. Because you see, they already knew he would make a good therapy donkey.  Dozer made them laugh, made them feel better, and reminded them of what a good work ethic should be.  That’s what a therapy donkey did! They liked Dozer very much. And they told him so.


They told him he was going to make people feel better just by being around him. Dozer knew that was the job for him. And so he sang a song!

“I am Dozer The Donkey

If you yelp, I’ll help

If you’re sad, I’ll make you glad!

That’s my job, so don’t you sob!”

Dozer could do it all.  And so with a new job, a new attitude and a new way to be the best donkey that Dozer could be, he learned that everyone needs to feel important and to feel needed. He learned that it doesn’t matter if you are a donkey or a dog or a person! We are all good at something. We just have to find our special talent.  But never give up.  Be like Dozer The Helpfull Donkey and find your job.


Every day after that particular day, which no one knows the date of, Dozer spent his days being the best donkey he knew how to be. If he was to comfort others, he had to be happy.  And oh, he was happy now. Dozer had a very important job.  His mom was proud, his friends were proud, Brickle and Digby were proud.  But the most proud of all was Dozer. He most certainly was.

And everyone lived happily ever after.  

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