Flames, Trains and Home Mobiles

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. We continue with our Tales Of Wild Bill series this week to remember Boy Person’s father. We hope you enjoy!

One day, when Boy Person was smaller than large, his family was tasked with moving a mobile home a long distance. This wasn’t just any mobile home. This was their new home.

This task was no big deal to Wild Bill. You see, he moved mobile homes for a living, as they say. At least, that’s how he made money this particular month.

Plus, he had something to assist him with the move. A nifty toter.

The toter may not have been the most reliable. It may have not been the most comfortable to ride in. But Boy Person had no trouble going to sleep…until something woke him up in a not so gentle way. The toter had stopped. The toter had given up. Right. On. The railroad tracks. Also. There was a fire.

Wild Bill sprung into action without even saying a word. The toter was on fire, and still had their new home on wheels attached. And it all was sitting on the tracks.

Wild Bill grabbed a fire extinguisher, probably shocked he had one. He first put out the fire, and Boy Person at this point was standing on the railroad tracks. And then they all heard it. They heard that train a comin. Coming round the bend.

Now. Most people would abandon, abandon, abandon the situation. They would scream and run off. They would yell to everyone to move away from the tracks. To get away. To call someone. But Wild Bill had another idea. This was their house stuck on this toter on the railroad tracks. No train was gonna swallow it up.

With no words, Wild Bill popped not one hood, but two on that toter. It had two hoods for twice the problems. The whistle on the train was blowing. It was getting closer. No one was saying anything, and with a few twists and turns of his wrench, he did something and shut not one hood but two. He got in the toter and just in time, he got their house on wheels across those tracks. Their house was safe. Oh. And they were too.

Wild Bill didn’t panic in situations such as this. No. He figured he should at least try and there was always that chance it would work out. You see, life wasn’t ever easy for Wild Bill. And he had to figure out alternatives to problems. He had to take chances. As they drove away in their toter, no words were spoken. Just a laugh. And really, that made it all ok. If the worse was going to happen, it would. But he could try. And he always did.

Boy Person may not have cared for trains after this. But lessons on the road were always presented to him, whether he wanted to learn them or not. Trials in life are like getting stuck on the tracks. We may think there is no hope. But can’t we at least try like Wild Bill?

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