Fruitycake Growlllllllll

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. Many envy my growl. At least I imagine that they do.

I’ve had this growl for many years. But when I got adopted by my family, it seemed to come in quite handy. I could use it to warn other dogs not to steal my family or my home. I didn’t understand why the persons almost got kicked out of every campground. Nope. Didn’t understand it.

Now that I know my family isn’t going to leave me, I may not feel the need to use my growl in that way. But. It still comes out. In all the ways. Like when I growl at delivery trucks. Unless they have a truck full of pickles, I’m going to voice my opinion.

Like when I growl at Brickle to play with me.

Like when I growl for pickles.

Like when I growl because seeing other dogs just makes me so happy I can’t contain myself.

I may sound like a Tasmanian Devil.

But my growl is my own. It’s just my personality and my way of talking.

The persons let me be me when it doesn’t hurt someone else.

Not everyone may “get me”. But that’s ok. Because the ones that love me are the ones that matter.

Do we try to be loving to others who have different ways of expressing themselves? Or do we judge them? Do we try to understand that expressing yourself is as individual as I am. Don’t run over someone’s individuality.

There is no other Fruitycake that growls like me. And if you love me, try to love others too. Their growls and all.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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