Wake Up Little Smokey

This is Digby Pancake. Well. You think you have a plan all figured out. You’ve been successful previously. Your genius is unmatched.

No one can guess your secret. You can do it in your sleep.

Maybe you know how to bake the perfect souffle. Everyone is jealous. How in the world can you make such a fluffy confection? No one knows but you.

Maybe you know just how to paint the perfect masterpiece. No one can understand how you can get the likeness of a tree so wonderfully on canvas. No one knows but you.

And maybe. Just maybe. You know how to sneak in a neighbor’s door…propped open just enough…to steal and or borrow a mouthful of cat food. Yes. Yes. Cat food. Cat food left for a cat named Smokey.

But you know Smokey’s schedule. You’ve mastered his moves. You know when he will be there and when he won’t. You’ve never failed before. Until you failed. Miserably.

There we were. Everyone was making over me. I had been sick. I had been sad. And so I knew I had an easy way in the screen door that day. Girl Person was busy dropping off the neighbor’s mail.

Brickle was busy trying to find his girlfriend Ellie.

And so I made a break for it. I stealthily made my way…half way…in the screen door. And before I knew it, I had woke up little Smokey. In a big way.

You see, Smokey isn’t used to sharing. Smokey isn’t used to dogs. Smokey IS used to trouble.

And he looks for it. With me, he found it. Oh. He found it.

Because as he took flight like a rabid cougar in the air at my head, I tried to get out of the door. He tried to shut the door. And we were in a frivolous momentum of chaos unlike the world has ever seen.

Brickle was trying to break it up while shutting the door on my head. Girl Person was trying to save me while trying to shield her eyes from the cougar’s wrath. And I questioned why in the world cat food was so delicious and if it was truly worth my life.

In one swoop, little Smokey managed to break open the screen door and escape while all the mail got sorted promptly to an undeliverable stack of confetti. He was gone as quickly as he was in the air. And we all held our breath. Let out a sigh and I declared cat food hunting season was over.

You may think you’re an expert at your job. You may think you’re good at what you do.

While it’s good to have confidence, it’s also good to learn from others, no matter how much you think that you know.

Don’t be surprised when your skills aren’t what you thought.

Take that opportunity to get better. There is always room for improvement.

But there isn’t always room in a screened in porch for Smokey the cat and well…anyone else.

Digby Pancake

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