I Saw It!

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. I had a wonderful day yesterday. Simple as that. Sometimes, it’s just that simple.

Brickle got to go to his favorite attraction place yesterday. He has told me about it since I met him. I’ve heard the persons talk about when they went there.

I’ve heard them tell Brickle stories, and it’s funny, because he was there!

And I’m not sure anyone could have built it up any more. But I listened. I enjoyed going there even before we went.

Seeing Brickle smile even before we pulled in the parking lot was one of my favorite memories. Have you ever had a favorite memory while you are experiencing it for the first time? That’s special.

And when we got inside and Brickle got to explore and be a puppy again, I saw it. I saw it over and over. This was his happy place. Because of the memories with Digby. Because it was his place. His place to call his favorite.

I’m learning that the best days in life don’t have to be elaborate or fancy. They don’t have to be difficult or have to be worked for. It’s not always that way. The best days are the ones we make that way. Because we want to. Brickle showed me that. I saw it.

We are now in a cabin in that Georgia place. We have lots of videos and pictures still to show you. After we get settled in and take a nap!

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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