Welcome To That Florida Place. Again.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  I have the absolute pleasure of welcoming you to…that Florida place!  So happy you could come with us as we take a little break for the next few weeks.  This is as happy as I get. Bet you can picture my corndog tail wagging.

But unfortunately, as Sheriff, I never really take any time off.  And certainly not today, because I have to start with a few arrests.  Or a few million.

Many of our fans seem to be under the wrong impression that either our trip is over (its not over until May 2, 2017) or that we gave up on the Adventure Of A Lifetime.  Puleez!!!!!  I am sure everyone is busy, but that is no excuse to miss even one dog blog.  And if you were up to date, you would not be under the wrong impression, I would not have to be explaining this, and it would have given me more time to eat cookies.  So if you are thinking the above mentioned misdemeanors, You. Are. Arrested.  Why? We are only taking 3 weeks off to catch our breath, see our family and friends and also fix some stuff on the Big Blue Treat Wagon and Jeep.  Well, Boy Person actually has a lot to fix.  We should probably just start over, but we will make due and hope that they can last another 14 states and 14 rescues.  Or I guess I need to arrest them too.

We left that Alabama place yesterday after Girl Person got her hair done, Deputy Digby was cleaned up from rolling in dead frogs, and it was a really long drive to Panama City Beach, Florida.  Felt pretty good when we saw the sign that said “Welcome To Florida”. We will be breaking up the remaining 8 hours left to get to our Tampa place.  Sad to say, but Country Cousin Person’s house sold on the ocean.  But when you have family and friends to stay with, we are still very happy. And you can bet we will be seeing the ocean along with all of our other favorite hiking spots.

We are a bit nervous to go back home, truth be told.  We feel like we have changed a lot in these months.  We have saw things that have changed us…scenery, adventure, the people we have met along the way and of course we have been changed by visiting so many shelters. Some of the animals we have seen, well, we will never forget their faces. But home?  We are here.  We missed you. Even though we sold our home and we literally have no home right now other than our RV, the Florida place will always be home to us.

They say home is where the heart is.  And that is surely true.  So will you come with us on our journey home?  Please do and know we thank you for all of your love, support and guidance along the way.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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